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Branding dogs

A careful owner must take care of such aImportant details like branding a pet. Among the frequently asked questions is the following: why brand the dog? This is a necessary procedure for owners of valuable breeds, with the help of which the owner of the animal is established. Belonging to pure breed requires that this brand be used to determine the plant.

What is a stigma?

The brand can be compared with tattooing in people. The applied brand is an indicator of belonging to a specific owner. From a certain period, all registered clubs are required to stamp, regardless of the puppy's class.

Instructions for the procedure are left in the individual documents of the puppy. Such documents include:

  • The certificate of the litter examination;
  • metrics;
  • Tribal documentation.

The documentation must have the signature of the breeder, veterinarian.

What does the brand consist of?

The brand of the breeder includes:

  • Alphabetic abbreviation;
  • Numeric code.

By the code you can find out all the information about the animal. In the case of loss of animal documentation, an individual is identified. The presence of stamps makes it easier to identify the dog if it is lost.

By letter abbreviation, you can learn the name andDog color. The digital combination shows the date of birth and the kennel in which the puppy was born. There are many options for decoding the value of the stigma. Each separate nursery is free to make its own notation system to the second part of the code.

Where is the brand stigmatized?

The part of the body for stamping includes:

  • The inner side of the ear;
  • The thigh is the inside;
  • groin area;
  • stomach.

Stamping is performed at 40-45 weeks of life,About the same time as the activation. Seek this procedure is to a proven specialist or veterinarian, in order to avoid painful sensations in the animal and unnecessary pain during the procedure.

How does the procedure marking dogs?

The procedure is divided into several stages. First, the selected surface is treated with:

  • Cleanse the hair;
  • Disinfect;
  • Treated with anesthetic gels, spirals.

Then a special marker is applied to the image. The marker is used to paint a special machine on the principle of work, similar to the handle-manipula for tattooing eyebrows. The depth of the stamping is regulated by the special function of the skin pen.

Anesthesia is selected and applied depending on the zone. The most painful are:

  • The inner side of the ear;
  • groin area.

For the stigma, an organic black dye is used. It does not cause allergies, after the procedure the wound surface should heal quickly.

One of the methods of stamping isUse of the stamping device. According to the principle of action, it resembles a bus punch. Its panels allow you to type combinations of numbers and letters. Such a device tattoo is placed most often in the ear area. The method of application is as follows:

  • The ear is pierced in the right place;
  • The tattooed paint with novocaine is applied.

The ear dries. After a while, the paint falls off, the mark becomes visible. The entire application procedure takes from 5 to 10 minutes. With a properly performed procedure, the wound surface becomes healthy after 2-3 days.

Alternative to branding dogs

If the process of stamping seems unnecessary to youInhuman or painful, you can resort to chipping the dog. The microchip is programmed as a kind of drive and information transmitter. It contains all the data about:

  • Breeder's cattery;
  • Vaccination of the animal;
  • Name, color, date of birth of the dog;
  • The current owner.

It has the form of a microscopic board, whichAre implanted with a special syringe under the skin. Usually the place of implantation of the microchip capsule is the withers. The information is read using a special scanner.

Which method is preferable?

Each method has its pros and cons. In the community of dog breeders in Russia, there is a heated debate in favor of each of them. Let us consider the approximate merits of each method.

Stamping is a long-tried method. In his favor, there is a large number of specialists who can provide this service. It is available in every region, since the equipment is widely used. The mark is noticeable, it can be seen without special equipment. Approximate cost - from 100 rubles. The very visit of the doctor will cost from 500 rubles. The increase in cost can be affected by the remote location of the client.

The microchip completely excludes the possibility of substitutionAnimal. Contains a lot of information. The procedure for implantation of the chip is painless, does not require special healing time. If you plan to take your pet outside the Russian Federation, chipping will be mandatory.

TO Negative sides This method can include:

  • High cost of the process;
  • Specialists are much smaller;
  • To read the information you need a device.

The presence of a chip or stigma is convenient for identifying the animal, determining its owner.

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