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Who are dognahters and why are they of great danger?

Recently, in Russia, Ukraine, and a few other countries, there have appeared people who call themselves defenders of society and saviors of mankind from infection and death - doghanters.

Initially, volunteer killers of dogs should have beenKill the dogs, thereby clearing the streets of cities from stray dogs. But in the course of time the dog-growers "evolved" and began to exterminate even domestic dogs that have a master. Dogs, which regularly walk by all the rules - on a leash, in a muzzle.

Dohhantery come up, ask to pet a dog,Are touched and at the same time they slip the dog with poison. What for? Why poison a domestic dog? Later dognahters switched to cats. Near the habitat of a large number of cats, they scatter poison, poisoned food. Including perish and pets, who jumped out for a walk.

Doghantery urge everyone to follow their example, organized forums, flooded social networks, where they boast and talk about their "exploits".

But think, what is the real goal of the dognters?

Anti DoganterWhat is the price of their actions? Poisoned animals are tormented for a very long time, the animals that were shot were masters, dognthans choose sophisticated methods of killing homeless and domestic animals. Much happens in the eyes of children!

Dohtangters are not shooting from the pneumaticWeapons and do not kill at all because of the desire to save mankind from the attack of dog packs on defenseless people. They kill animals because they like it!

Think - today Dogtowners kill defenseless animals, and tomorrow they will be victims of people! Is it easier for us - people - to live in such a world? Is it safe for us to walk through the streets and in the parks, when the killers of animals walk nearby? Is it easy for us to sleep at night, when dozens of dogs and cats die an excruciating death?

A person must be humane and alwaysRemain a man, no matter what happens! There are the most civilized methods of getting rid of streets from homeless animals - state programs of sterilization and castration of dogs, shelters, animal protection organizations. The choice is always there! To be a person or not to be - to solve each of us!

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