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Lice in dogs: treatment, photo

Some people ask themselves: "Are lice in dogs?" This question can be answered in the affirmative. Lice - suborder of ectoparasites of mammals.

They pierce the skin of the host animal andSuck the blood. These are "highly specialized" parasites that live only on one species of animal or its close relatives. On dogs, two kinds of lice parasitize:

  1. Biting (in areas with hot climates),
  2. Sucking

Biting lice in dogs move quickly, and suckers are slow and easy to catch.

Symptoms of Lice Infestation

Appearing lice cause anxiety of the animal,It itches, the skin appears dermatitis and scratching, the dog is depressed, does not sleep, its fur sticks to the coils, becomes dull. The dog rubs the affected skin areas on various objects. On the affected areas the skin is covered with scratches and abrasions, inflames.

With severe lice, the animal develops:

  • anemia,
  • allergy,
  • Depletion

This is especially evident in puppies. The consequence of the disease can be dermatitis, eczema or neurodermatitis. Upon careful examination of the dog, adult insects and white grains attached to the wool are visible - their eggs. Most often lice prefer the tips of the ears, the opening of the body and the place where the wool is tangled.

In addition, the dog can be a carrier of lice. The only symptom of the disease is seborrhea.

How does a dog get lice?

The traditional way of spreading lice -Contact with infected animals. In addition, it is possible and household way through objects. The owner of a dog can bring eggs of parasites on clothing or shoes from the street. Puppies are infected from the mother in the first minutes of their lives.

The most intense lice in cold weather,Although it is observed in all seasons. The spread of the disease is meager food, poor hygiene, the crowded living of animals, a solid age.

How to get lice out of a dog and methods of prevention

How to get lice out of dogsDog lice never attack humans andRarely - on cats. Nevertheless, they can not be ignored, as they can carry dangerous infectious diseases. The lice affected by the lice must be isolated from other animals until they are completely cured.

Dogs use insecticides to kill parasites on their skin. For example, 0.5-1% solutions:

  • Permethrin,
  • Neostamazan,
  • Amitane,
  • Stomozan,
  • Advantagejubotoks and others

Some drugs are contained in specialShampoos for dogs. Also in pet stores you can buy special drops and processed collars. A few hours after the treatment of the animal, you need to carefully comb its hair with a frequent metal comb, and remove the combed parasites.

After applying the drugs the dog needsChange litter and thoroughly wash and process cells, beds, booths, rooms. Floors and equipment handle 1-2% solution of chlorophos. Brushes and clothes of the dog need to boil. It is also necessary to give the dog a tablet of worms, because the parasites significantly reduce immunity. There may not be enough of a single use of shampoo, therefore, it is better to use it two or three times.

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