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What diseases of ears are in dogs? Symptoms and Treatment

In dogs, ear disease is not uncommon. And they can be noticed by the dog's behavior: she often scratches her ears, shakes her head. Inside the ear, you can see the discharge: pus, black-brown flakes, a marmalade, a badly smelling sulfur.

Causes of ear diseases in dogs

The reasons can be quite a lot. For example:

  • Allergic reaction to the change of food or a "tasty" piece from the table
  • When swimming in the ear could get cold water.
  • The dog behind the ear can be bitten by another dog, causing injury.
  • Also, parasites (mites), fungi or bacteria can settle in the dog's ears

Dogs with long hanging ears, such as dachshunds, setters, Afghan greyhounds and others, are most susceptible to such diseases. Such ears are constantly on the floor and are poorly ventilated.

A short list of what are the diseases of the ears in dogs:

  1. Inflammation of the external ear or external otitis.
  2. Otitis of the middle ear.
  3. Ear mites.
  4. Auricular (ear) hematoma.
  5. Loss of hearing.

We will tell you more about each.

Types and symptoms of ear diseases in dogs

Inflammation of the external ear Or external otitis manifests itself by itching, as a resultThe dog scratches his ears with his paws, rubs them on the furniture, rolls on the ground. One of the main diagnostic signs of the disease is the smell of discharge from the ear in the dog, which can be both sugary and sweet, and fetid.

The secretions themselves can be either serous orPurulent. This infection can be caused by parasites (ticks), sensitive microorganisms (yeast, bacteria and fungi), foreign bodies. Also, the disease can be triggered by chronic diseases, for example, hyperadrenocorticism, hypothyroidism and others.

The insidiousness of the inflammation of the external ear lies in theThat almost always it passes into a chronic form and, regardless of the drugs used, is repeated again and again. Therefore, prevention is very important. Otitis of the inner and middle ear is manifested by more severe symptoms. The dog begins to lose balance when walking, falls, stumbles, or turns in one direction.

Otitis media of the middle ear In most cases develops as a result ofPenetration through the tympanic membrane from the external ear. If the ear is suppurating it can be a question of the perforation of the tympanic membrane and the danger of the passage of inflammation to the meninges.

Anxiety in the dog is caused by Ear mites (Otodectes cyanotis). Tiny parasites are noticeable even to the naked eye. They settle in the external auditory canal and cause not only an itch, but also various inflammations. From the ear also exudates exudate, reminiscent of the color and texture of dry "ground coffee".

Auricular (ear) hematoma - a cavity between the cartilage and the skin of the earShells filled with blood. Whence it undertakes it is not known, probably arises from the fact that the dog shakes its head too much. With a foreign body in the ear, the dog suddenly starts shaking its head, whimpering, rubbing its head against the ground. It is necessary to urgently examine the ear of the dog, but this can only be done by a veterinarian when using anesthesia.

Treatment of ear diseases in dogs

Hearing Loss Can occur in dogs for a number of reasons: Old age, traumas, infections, stunning with loud sound, nervous diseases, genetic predisposition, side effects of drugs (especially antibiotics-aminoglycosides, loop diuretics, high doses of aspirin). Loss of hearing can be accompanied by such diseases as kidney failure, diabetes and hypothyroidism. In Dalmatians, it is not uncommon for the congenital deafness of puppies.


External otitis in dogs is treated with ear cleaning andUsing antibiotics, antihistamines and decongestants, steroids. A good effect is given by Aurikane, Aurizon and Oridermil. Inflammation of the inner and middle ear is treated with antibiotics, which should be prescribed only by a veterinarian. You can get rid of ear mites and home remedies.

It is possible to drip into each ear of the dog severalDrops of vegetable oil. This will kill the parasites. However, the treatment should last at least 21 days, because it is this period that makes up the life cycle of the tick. Mites usually catch dogs from cats, so if there is a cat in the family, they also need to be treated in the same way.

Treatment of ear a hematomas involves the opening of the affected cavity and its drainage. Steroid injections may also be prescribed.

Prophylaxis of ear diseases in dogs

Do not allow water to enter the ear. When you wash the dog, you do not need to direct the jet from the shower on its ear, it is better to wash your ears with your hands. If water gets into the auricle, it should be dried immediately with a towel or cotton swabs.

Dog ears should be cleaned regularly from sulfur. If the hair enters the ear, it is better to cut it. Avoid contact with the dogs with relatives, in which the symptoms of ear diseases are clearly evident. It is impossible to supercool the dog.

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