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Herpes in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Herpes dogs - a viral disease that affects the reproductive organs of adults. However, in adult dogs there are no symptoms of infection.

But it is the main cause of deathNewborn puppies. Only one puppy can be infected in the brood, or all litter puppies can die in just 24 hours. If the puppy becomes infected after the age of three weeks, then the disease proceeds more easily and it can survive, although long-term complications are not ruled out.

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Symptoms of herpes in dogs

Typically, adult dogs have any symptomsThere is no herpovirus infection. Sometimes you can see convex ulcers on the genitals of the dog. Bitch can have miscarriages, dead puppies are born. Cough is possible. In bitches that have been infected with the herpes virus at the time of mating or before it, the symptoms in the period of gestation of puppies are never manifested.

In newborn puppies the main symptomInfection is sudden death. The puppy quickly weakens, cries, can not suck. He may have a green or yellow stool, abdominal pain, hemorrhage to the abdominal cavity.

Nasal discharge may appear,Problems with breathing, nosebleeds. In the grown up puppies, various disorders from the nervous system, including convulsions and blindness, can develop. The respiratory tract is also affected - the puppy constantly sneezes, coughs up, sometimes suffocates.

The herpes virus lives not only in the reproductive,But also in the respiratory system of dogs of both sexes. In adult dogs, the infection is transmitted through sexual contact between infected and uninfected dogs, as well as through direct contact (through licking) and by airborne droplets, including coughing, sneezing, sniffing, sniffing.

The virus can also be brought into the house by the hostTheir clothes or shoes. Puppies most often become infected in the birth canal or licking their mother after birth. Puppies immediately can infect each other. Although if in the brood one puppy is infected with the herpes virus of dogs, this does not mean that all the others are sick. People do not get canine herpes.

Treatment of herpesvirus infection

If it is seen that the newborn puppies are too weakAnd as if they "wither" it is necessary to contact the veterinarian immediately. When confirming the diagnosis of herpesvirus infection, treatment can begin with maintenance therapy and a mandatory antiviral drug. Also puppies should be kept warm (30 degrees), because the virus requires a low temperature for survival. For this purpose, lamps and heating pads are suitable. However, the prognosis of treatment is usually pessimistic.

Despite good treatment, death in puppies with herpesvirus infection often occurs very quickly. Ill and surviving puppies can have serious consequences of the transferred infection:

  • Permanent damage to the nervous system,
  • Lymphoid tissue,
  • Kidney,
  • respiratory tract

The best way to protect small puppies from infection is to prevent their contact with adult dogs and contact their mother with other dogs. It is very important to isolate the pregnant female from other dogs during late pregnancy and after childbirth in the first three weeks.

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