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Blisters in the dog's mouth, on the skin: symptoms, treatment

In dogs, blisters can develop on different parts of the body. From their localization depends the peculiarity of the disease

Blisters on the dog's skin

The cause of such blisters can be an invasionParasites, infections (viral and bacterial), burns (from fire and sun), trauma and allergic reactions. It is important to establish the exact cause of the blisters to deal with them faster.

First you need to carefully examine the dog toAssess how much there is a lot on the dog's body. One blister can talk about trauma or direct contact with something harmful. If the dog has multiple blisters on the body, then it can talk about the body's reaction to an allergen, infection or parasites.

The appearance of pustules between the fingers of a dogSpeaks of parasites, and a single blister on the foreskin of a male is more likely to symbolize a venereal disease. Red and pink blisters can occur with autoimmune diseases (eg, pemphigus), with medicinal dermatitis in the dog, parasite infestation, burns. In this case, you need to urgently contact the veterinarian.

White bubbles filled with pus occur whenParasitic invasion or inflammation. It is possible to conduct local treatment (disinfect and apply ointment with an antibiotic). It should be remembered whether in the past few months the dog has received any medications. Bubbles will disappear a couple of weeks after the withdrawal of a suspicious drug.

Also, the frequent cause of blistering is foodAn allergy and to cure it, it is necessary to cancel new products. It should be remembered whether you used a new powder for washing dog clothes or bedding, new cleaning or detergents that could wash bowls. Or maybe you recently bought a new plastic bowl for the dog?

The appearance of blisters on the muzzle can be an allergic reaction to plastic bowls. It is better to go to bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Blisters in the mouth of a dog

Blisters in the dog's mouth

In most cases, the appearance of blisters in a dogIn the mouth - the result of a viral infection, although it is possible and an allergic reaction to drugs, feed, household chemicals. Also, it can be thermal burns from hot food, burns from electricity or sharp spices. You should look at the general condition of the dog.

Diseases that lead to the appearance of blisters in the mouth can cause lethargy and high fever. If the dog's temperature is above 39 degrees, there may be a common infection in her body. If within a few hours the dog looks clearly unhealthy, it is necessary to immediately seek the help of a veterinarian.

If the dog looks completely healthy and blistersIt does not itch and does not look inflamed, there is a chance that they themselves will pass within a few days. If in 10 days they do not disappear, it will be necessary to turn to the veterinarian. It is necessary to remember if the dog had recently eaten spicy food, whether it had contact with chemicals or unknown plants.

If contact with a poisonous plant or substance has been noticed, immediately wash the dog's mouth with cold water or attach ice cubes and contact the veterinarian.

Blisters on the genitals of a dog

Most often this is the result of a bacterial orA viral infection that is sexually transmitted. Such blisters disappear within a few days. Sometimes genital blisters occur for other reasons. It is necessary to examine the rashes. These blisters are colorless and filled with liquid. If the rashes are filled with milky white or yellow substance, it is pustules or abscesses.

If the bubbles are brick or blood-red, theyHave a hemorrhagic origin. For the treatment of pustules, the veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics, and for treatment of hemorrhagic blisters, a more thorough diagnosis will be required. If the blisters itch, then their cause is likely to be allergies, bacterial infection or microscopic mites. A dog such blisters constantly licks and combs. It is necessary to soothe the itch with a cool compress and urgently seek veterinary care.

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