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Conjunctivitis in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Conjunctivitis is a fairly frequent inflammation of the connective membrane of the eye in dogs. His insidiousness lies in the fact that it is treated extremely difficult and often turns into a chronic form.

In addition, the consequence of conjunctivitis can be a variety of and quite dangerous diseases, even to the loss of vision.

Symptoms of the disease

With catarrhal conjunctivitis Connective membrane of the eye is red, edematic,Sometimes sticks out from under the age. The dog has serous discharge from the eyes, a tear flows. The catarrhal form often begins acutely, after which it passes into a chronic course and is very difficult to treat.

With a purulent form of the disease Visible first liquid, purulent discharge, which eventually become yellowish and dense. There is swelling and redness of the conjunctiva. The animal is crushed.

In follicular form Marked inflammation of the conjunctiva, and on the innerThe surface of the third century can be seen follicles. These are raspberry-like formations similar to raspberry. This kind of conjunctivitis often has a chronic course for several years with periods of exacerbation and fading.

Symptoms and causes of conjunctivitis in dogs

Causes of conjunctivitis in dogs

Conjunctivitis develops for many reasons. Often this is a mechanical or chemical irritation of the conjunctiva:

  • Getting into the eye of grass,
  • Sand,
  • Growing eyelashes,
  • Getting into the eyes of microorganisms,
  • Insects,
  • Wool

Eyes may be irritated by smoke or corrosiveGaseous substances. It can also be the spread of an inflammatory process that occurs in the cornea, eyelids, tears, fungal or viral infections, an allergy in the animal.

In addition, conjunctivitis can be simpleConcomitant disease in more serious diseases: plague, hepatitis in dogs, parvovirus infection and others. In the risk group, breeds of dogs whose eyes are planted are bulging, such as Pekingese, French Bulldogs.

It is easier for the dogs to injure the eye. Although some breeds often suffer from conjunctivitis of non-infectious origin, for example German shepherds.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in dogs

When observing the very first symptoms - the expiration"Tears", you should regularly wash your eyes with a cotton swab moistened with boiled water. In this case, it is necessary to exclude physical activity, so that the wind does not disturb the animal, and dusts and mote are not attached to the discharge from the eyes. It is necessary to limit communication with other dogs, as the disease can be contagious.

If the symptoms begin to aggravate, the eyesBlush, urgently need to see a doctor. Only he can prescribe a cure. As a rule, prescribe anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ointments or eye drops, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs of general action.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in dogsIt drops 10-20-30% sulfacyl sodium, 01% kanamycin, 25% levomitsetina, sofradex 4-5 times a day.

From ointments use:

  1. Chlorotetracycline,
  2. Sulfacyl-sodium (30%),
  3. Tetracycline,
  4. Ethanol (30-50%).

If a large swelling is seen, a mixture of 0.1-0.2 ml of hydrocortisone and 0.5-1% of novocaine solution or 0.5-1 mg of dexazone is injected under the conjunctiva.

A new word in the treatment of conjunctivitis are GLP - eye medicinal films, proposed by E.P. Kopenkin. They contain kanamycin, neomycin, sulfapiridazine-sodium. They are injected into the conjunctival sac with anatomical tweezers once a day.

Wet off with a tear, the films swell andStick to the conjunctiva, and then evenly enveloping it, dissolve. Thanks to this, a high therapeutic effect is achieved. Often, the tactics of treatment have to be changed several times in order to achieve improvement. Antibiotic ointments or eye drops are used for at least 5 days.

In this case, the dog's eyes should be constantly washed with boiled water or broth chistel. Also, the conjunctiva is washed with 0.25% novocaine solution, 3% boric acid solution. That the dog could not scratch and injure the eyesIt is better to wear the so-called "Elizabethan collar". It is better, if you instill drops into the eyes of the dog will be present assistant, who will hold his head.

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