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The biggest dog in the world, photo

If you are inquisitive by nature, then you are probably interested in the questions: "What is the largest dog in the world?" "What is its height and weight?" What breed is the largest dog in the world?

To satisfy your curiosity, weMade their rating. It turned out not even the TOP 10, as is customary in the compilation of various lists, but TOP-24. But before we go on to describe these huge animals, a small explanation of what signs our four-legged friends had to meet in order to be in this honorary rating.

General characteristics of the largest breeds of dogs in the world

Growth at the withers: From 60 centimeters and above

The weight: From 50 kgs and more

Calm confidence: All these breeds are characterized by calm andConfidence in your strength. They are fully aware of their superiority over smaller brethren and, like the king of lion animals, feel like kings in their canine kingdom. You do not often hear them barking. They consider this above their dignity and grant this right to dogs of smaller breeds

Magnificent guards: If you have a country house, and you are thinking overThe fact that it would be nice to have a dog to protect your possessions, then pay attention to these large animals. The best guards than these calm giants will be difficult to find.

Many of these dogs have a thousand-year history andFrom time immemorial, their protective qualities were specially developed and improved in them. Despite the considerable popularity of miniature breeds that do not require special care, attention and expense, many still prefer large dogs. After all, when they grow up, they will become not only good, loyal friends and full members of the family, but also reliable protectors.

Given the average body weight of the dog and its growth at the withers, we compiled a rating of the largest dogs in the world. So, we present to your attention

TOP-24: The biggest dog in the world with photos from dogsecrets.ru

24. The Bordeaux Doge

Bordeaux dog is one of the largest breeds of dogs

The Bordeaux dog, whose height at the withers varies from60 to 69 cm, and the minimum weight is 52 kg in males - is an ancient French breed, which in the Middle Ages was used for hunting and fighting. For a very long time the breed was called "the butcher's dog", as before the butchers often used them as security guards of their houses - even the most desperate burglar was not afraid of them with such danes.

23. Boerboel


The Boerboel is a hardy and powerful breed, bredEspecially for protection and protection in South Africa in the 17th century. The growth of males at the withers is 64-70 cm, weight can reach 90 kg. Boerboel does not consider his master to be only one person, he is equally affectionate and affectionate with all members of the family.

22. Bullmastiff


Bullmastiff with an increase of up to 71 cm and weighing from 50 to 59Kg was originally a very aggressive and incredibly stubborn dog, because these dogs in the 19th century were brought out by the English ygeri to protect the reserves and hunting grounds from cunning and quirky poachers.

But now these calm and devoted dogsAre easy to train and are wonderful bloodhounds, and also amazingly "feel" people and will never waste their time on those who do not like animals.

21. American Akita, or a large Japanese dog

American Akita

American Akita - the breed, officiallyOnly in 2000 it was recognized. The first representatives appeared in the United States after the Second World War on the basis of the ancient Japanese breed Akita Inu, to which belonged the famous devoted dog Khatiko. These dogs are heavier and taller than their Japanese ancestors, as a rule, the American Akita weighs 45-66 kg with an increase of 66-71 cm and often has a blackened muzzle, which is never found in akin-inu.

20. Estrelian, or Portuguese, mountain shepherd

Estrelskaya Shepherd Dog

In dogs of this breed, the average growth is -65-72 cm, and weighs up to 50 kg, is considered the oldest dog on the Iberian Peninsula, although the origin of the breed is for certain unknown. Brought out in the mountains of Estrela, it was used to protect livestock from wolves and to transport light loads. It's amazing, but outside Portugal this breed is not very widespread yet. Well, everything is ahead.

19. The Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Swiss Mountain Dog is another unsuitable dog in the city, used since the end of the Middle Ages as a fighting and excellent bodyguard who accompanied the host in battle.

Originated in the Swiss Alps, the breed is large andBold dogs up to 72 cm in height and weighing up to 64 kg require extensive space for movement, serious physical exertion and is best suited for the protection of herds and stables. Before there were legends that the Sennenhunds never sleep, so they are sensitive day and night.

18. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog, one of the oldest andThe largest breeds, was bred more than two thousand years ago in the mountains of the Caucasus. Hardy and courageous dogs up to 75 cm tall and weighing up to 90 kg usually merged with a herd of grazing sheep remotely resembling a large lamb, and protected cattle from attacks by wolves and marauders.

17. Newfoundland


Newfoundland is a dog whose height at the withers reaches 75See the weight of the champion of this breed was 120 kg. How the breed was formed in Canada. Thanks to their innate abilities for swimming, special water-repellent wool and membranous paws, these animals were first used as working dogs for fishermen, and later they gained fame of wonderful rescuers.

It is known that this breed possesses high intelligence and the ability to make independent decisions, which means that it will be able to find a way out of any extreme situation even without the owner's command.

16. Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or Alabai


Central Asian Shepherd, with its average height inWithers in 70-75 cm and weighing up to 80 kg only seemingly sluggish, massive, slow and extremely calm. In fact, it is an active dog with a strong body and an explosive character.

Ancient breed originated in Central Asia, where these dogs were used to protect herds or property for thousands of years.

15. Dirhound, or the Scottish deer greyhound


A dog of this breed, first mentioned inScottish chronicles in the 16th century, thus being one of the oldest breeds of European hunting greyhounds. Dirhounds with a weight of 50 kg and a minimum height of 75 cm were the favorite dogs of the proud leaders of the Scottish clans who used these animals for deer hunting, so the breed was threatened with the proliferation of firearms and the disintegration of the clans.

14. Kuvas


The breed that appeared in Hungary more than 1000 years agoKuvas was used as a reliable stock in pastures and in houses. Its representatives have a height of 70 to 76 cm, and their weight sometimes reaches 90 kg, and the dogs of this breed are only white or very rarely have a shade of ivory.

It is interesting that in the Middle Ages the breed had such a high status that only people of royal blood and people close to them got it.

13. Russian black terrier

Russian Black Terrier

This breed of dogs is bred in the USSR. The average height varies from 72 to 78 cm, and the weight reaches 60 kg. These dogs were bred specifically for the service, so they are excellent watchmen, never show aggression and barely bark, unless it is necessary.

12. Neapolitan mastiff, or mastino neapolitano

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff. Representatives of this one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world are descendants of war dogs who participated in battles and persecution of wild animals in the arenas of Ancient Rome. High, up to 74 cm, and weighing up to 70 kg, these dogs were also used as excellent watchdogs.

However, in addition to excellent protective qualities, the representatives of the breed are known for their playful and very benevolent character in the home atmosphere.

11. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

He is rightly considered the largest dog in the world among hunting breeds. Originating in Ireland at the beginning of the 19th century, this breed practically disappeared simultaneously with the extermination of the last wolves on the island.

The minimum growth of dogs of this breed (IrishWolfhound), according to the standard, should be 79 cm, and weight - 54.5 kg, but despite their impressive size, these dogs by nature are very calm, get along well with children and are not hard to train.

10th place in the ranking of the largest dogs in the world - Leonberger


Leonberger is a large breed of dogs, which he brought outIn 1846 the Mayor of the German city of Leonberg, crossing the St. Bernards, Newfoundlands and Pyrenean Shepherds. Representatives of the breed reach 80 cm at the withers and weights of 60-75 kg, while possessing not only excellent watchdog qualities, but also a unique character.

9. Anatolian Shepherd, or Kangal


Kangal is an ancient breed of Turkish dogs, whichThe shepherds still appreciate it. Being a watchdog this sheep dog with an average height of up to 81 cm and weighing 65 kg is completely unsuitable for living in the city: she needs a lot of space and fresh air.

Kangals are very faithful, obedient, have an acute mind, but they have developed a desire to work since ancient times, so such a dog will not be happy, messing around with toys for days on end.

8. Komondor or Hungarian Shepherd


Komondor is a large breed, known for itsAn unusual appearance: the dog's body is covered with long white wool, rolled into original cords. It is believed that Komondor, whose average height is 70-80 cm, and weight reaches 60 kg, appeared as a result of crossing several ancient breeds of shepherds and wolves.

7. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean mountain dog with its growth up to 81 cm andWeighing 50-54 kg - a breed whose representatives for hundreds of years guarded cattle on steep mountain slopes, guarded houses and castles and even met in the royal court of Louis 14th! Despite their size, they are very gentle, good-natured and clever dogs.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff - one of the most ancient breeds,It combines the ability to protect a house and be a good friend for the whole family. At a weight of 70-80 kg and growth of up to 81 cm at the withers, these dogs not only served in the monasteries of Tibet as watchmen, but also accompanied nomads in the mountains and carried impressive loads.

In addition to its unusual appearance, dogsThis breed is distinguished almost by feline cleanliness. Interestingly, a representative of the breed named Hong Dong is the most expensive dog in the world, for which once paid 1.5 million euros.

5. Great Dane

German dog

Many believe that this breed of dogs is the mostThe largest in the world. But it is not so. The Great Dane is the tallest breed of dog in the world, whose minimum height is 76 cm, and the weight can reach 91 kg. The record holder was a dog named Zeus, 111.8 cm high. Imagine standing on its hind legs, reaching 2.2 m in height! These giant dogs combine power and strength, but they are very kind, affectionate, faithful and obedient.

In order to feed their hugeA pet weighing more than 70 kg, Denis Dorlag, Zeus' hostess needs 14 kg of feed daily. Zeus cut the previous record from 2010. Then he was installed by the Great Dane of Great Britain George, who also lives in the US, Arizona, growing at 1,092 m.

4. Pyrenean mastiff

Pyrenean Mastiff

Pyrenean mastiff is a breed of giant dogs,It originated in the region of the mountains of Spain and was withdrawn specially to protect the herds from hungry wolves and bears. Representatives of the breed in height reach 77-81 cm.

Exceptionally intelligent and reliable dogs are used as bodyguards and guards, although they are somewhat lazy, but smoothly until the time has come to work.

3. The Spanish Mastiff

Spanish mastiff

The Spanish mastiff is a shepherd breed, whose ancestorsWere known in Spain about 3000 years ago. Initially, the breed was used to protect livestock from wolves and other predators, being exclusively a working dog, however these giants kept and knew. The growth of the male of the Spanish mastiff ranges from 77-88 cm, weight - 80-120 kg.

2. St. Bernard

St. Bernard

St. Bernard - a breed of very strong, large dogs,The height of which is 65-80 cm, and ve, according to the standard, should be above 80 kg. Initially, they were bred as rescuers, but their calm, sensitive and friendly nature turned them into perfect pets.

Interestingly, in 1978, the 80-kilogramThe big man of this breed managed to move from a place to a distance of 4.5 meters a weight weighing almost 3000 kilograms in just one and a half minutes! A St. Bernard named Benedictine, weighing 166.4 kg, went down in history as the heaviest dog in the world.

1. English Mastiff - the largest breed of dogs in the world

English mastiff

English mastiff is an old breed of dogs,Which is the largest in the world, because the mass of these dogs reaches 113 kg with a height of 70-91 cm. In Great Britain these dogs came with the Celtic tribes that came from Asia Minor and were originally used as guard dogs for baiting large animals and Believe it! - for processing precious stones!

Sechas, they are doing admirably both with the role of the watchman and with the partner's aloft, and their sad eyes and drooping cheeks are very popular among cartoonists. In our ranking of the largest, strongest and largest breeds of dogs in the world, he rightly ranks first!

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