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Contraceptive pills for dogs

Many owners of bitches are concerned about the problem of how to prevent pregnancy in a pet. Each estrus becomes a test for both the dog and the whole family.

In fact, it is better not to expose your dogSuch a difficult test as an unplanned pregnancy and do not then attach the puppies to "good hands" or even worse kill them. It is better to think in advance about the prevention of pregnancy in a bitch.

Some dog breeders believe that the best and mostAn affordable method of preventing pregnancy in dogs is "fence and leash." That is, walking a dog on a leash and keeping it behind a fence. But unexpected moments happen rarely: leashes break, dogs run away from fences.

One of the most reliable modern methods are birth control pills.

Types of contraceptive pills for dogs

Some medicines Are not contraceptive in the full sense of the wordThis word. They simply oppress sexual arousal and thus, level the behavioral problems associated with estrus. Such are the drops of Stop-Intim, the Counter-Sense pill.

Types of contraceptive pills for dogsOther means Apply for the delay of heat or its interruption. This may be necessary when estrus falls at some uncomfortable moment, for example, on the road or when traveling to an exhibition. These are the tablets and drops of EX-5, progestin, Pillkan-5. They are given at the very beginning of estrus for eight days. Thus, the estrus in the dog is postponed for 4-6 months.

The third type of tablets Is intended for contraception, andCessation or prevention of false puppies, pseudolactia (covinan). Unwanted stiffness after accidental mating is prevented by such drugs as messalinum, Sex Barrier. The processes of ovulation and penetration into the uterine cavity of spermatozoa are stopped with the help of suspension or tablets of libidomine.

Contra-indications for birth control pills

They can not be given to young bitches, whose estrusYet there was no, as well as a sick inflammation of the uterus or diabetes. Also, these drugs are not used for dogs with tumors and food tract problems, with kidney or liver diseases. Do not use such pills all the time, from year to year.

They are used no more than three times in a row, after whichYou need a break for a period of two leaks. If you do not plan to knit, it is better not to feed the dog with tablets, but to sterilize it. Frequent use of such tablets may result in hormonal or circulatory system diseases.

Also among the side effects were breast augmentation, uterine infections, changes in wool, weight gain. In any case, do not make an independent decision without showing the dog to the veterinarian and without consulting him.

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