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Protective collar for a dog (postoperative) and how it can be done by one's own hands

A dog is not always pleasant with medical help orTreatment procedure. And it also happens that after the operation or injuries, one should not allow the animal to scratch, scratch or comb the wounds. In order not to sit over the dog, preventing it from scratching where you want, it is better to use a protective collar. It is also called postoperative.

This device is a truncated cone, which is attached to the neck by a narrow diameter. He prevents his paw from scratching the wound on the head (for example, cropped ears) or licking the wound on the body.

When is a protective collar for dogs used?

They are used quite widely:

  • With a disease of the ears and eyes,
  • With skin diseases
  • When removing parasites,
  • When you can not have a dog licking for a while

Postoperative collar for dogs

Thus, it is possible not only to accelerateHealing, but also prevent the spread of secondary infection, as well as the poisoning of the dog with external drugs. If the postoperative collar is selected or made to the size of a dog, it does not even interfere with the intake of food and it can not be removed at all until the dog is fully recovered.

How to accustom a dog to a protective collar?

If the operation is planned in advance, then it is better for a dog to begin training to wearing a protective collar.

  1. To begin with, the dog can be introduced to the collar, spread out on the floor and allow her to take from him delicacies.
  2. Gradually bring the object to the dog, treating it.
  3. And now put the collar on the animal and play with it, encouraging treats.
  4. Let her decide that this thing just complements the fun game.
  5. At first it is necessary to put on a collar only onA few minutes, gradually increasing this time. After the dog decides that the device on it - it's not scary, it must be taught to move in it, and then sleep.

Even if the operation was urgent or the animal was suddenly injured, it will become completely used to wearing the device literally in a couple of days.

Buy or make a collar for a dog yourself?

The collar of factory production is made fromFlexible transparent plastic. There are also woven options. With such a dog will not make a noise and will not break it. But plastic is easier to wash and disinfect, and also it is transparent and does not prevent the dog from seeing everything around.

Collars come in different sizes (8, 10, 12, 16,20) for any breeds of dogs. The smallest is suitable for chihuahua, and the largest is intended for sheepdog. The collar is also equipped with four strips for fixing it on the collar.

To make a protective collar for the dog with your own hands, you can use thin plywood, cardboard or suitable items. For example, for a small dog, the device can be made from an X-ray image or a plastic jar, cutting off the bottom and neck. For a large dog use a plastic soft bucket.

  • The fabricated protective collar to the dog collar is attached using braid, gauze or a thin rope, tied on four sides.
  • It is necessary to check whether there is a sharp edge to the collar made so that it does not cut the dog's neck.
  • If there is a sharp edge, it can be sewn with a soft cloth or wrap with a sticky tape.
  • If to make of a cardboard it is necessary to cut out a circle, in diameter in 30 sm, inside to cut out a circle, the length of a circle equal to the buttoned collar on a dog.
  • Then the circle should be cut, put the device on the neck of the dog and glue its edges with sticky tape.
  • To the collar it must be attached with gauze or braid.
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