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Avitaminosis in dogs: symptoms, treatment, photo

Recently, veterinarians have noted thatThe avitaminosis in dogs occurs more often. What does a pet need for happiness? There are many differences. A good owner, delicious food, a couple of favorite toys.

And its owner will add that the most important thing is for the pet to be healthy. After all, without it, no toys will please him!

Symptoms of avitaminosis in dogs

Dog's healthy way of life is very differentFrom the human, but in some ways it is similar. For example, almost all people take vitamins, taking care of their health and avoiding avitaminosis in the off-season - the same is required for their pets. The lack of vitamins in dogs can be expressed in the form of hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis.

Avitaminosis is an acute shortcoming of anyvitamin A. Each of the beriberi has its own signs. But all are treated equally - the intake of a deficient vitamin. Hypovitaminosis is an easier stage of vitamin deficiency. It is easier to tolerate and treat, but is more difficult to diagnose, since it does not have such pronounced symptoms.

The main danger, hypovitaminosis is not so much inLack of vitamins, as in the general weakening of the body. Animals suffering from hypovitaminosis, more than others risk falling ill or getting avitaminosis. The strongest of the lack of vitamins are young animals, pregnant or lactating, as well as pets, already weakened by the transferred disease. So how does the lack of different vitamins affect the animal's body?

Vitamin A

The lack of this vitamin can spoil the appetite,And at the same time and add problems with the stomach. Small animals have problems with growth and with the change of milk teeth. General apathy, lethargy and extinguished eyes complete the picture.

Combating the shortage of vitamin A can be done with the help ofOld good fish oil. And this vitamin is contained in the egg yolk, beef liver and butter. So if a dog begs for a piece of butter, maybe she just feels that she does not have enough vitamins.

Vitamins of group B

This large group influences the appearanceAnimals. When avitaminosis, the hair becomes faded, rolls and falls. Also, these vitamins affect the metabolism and hemoglobin level in the blood. Their lack leads to diseases of the nervous system, which manifests itself in the following symptoms: the animal is very thin, its gait becomes uneven, staggering, convulsions may begin.

Vitamins of group B are rich in liver, kidneys, and heart. So it makes sense to offer a pet to become a heartthrob.

Vitamin C

Symptoms of avitaminosis in dogsThe most pleasant for a person, because heIs associated with sweet oranges. But to force a cat or a dog to eat citrus is problematic. And the lack of this vitamin can badly affect the performance of the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Usually a lack of vitamin C is manifested in the swelling of the gums and redness of the mouth. So you have to dilute the pet's menu with dairy products, carrots and lettuce leaves. Or just add a little bit of ascorbic acid in the usual food.

Vitamin D

"Solar" vitamin is produced in the bodyWhen exposed to UV rays. Therefore, in the spring after a long winter sunny starvation of this vitamin is not enough for almost everyone. The worst is for young animals - vitamin D is responsible for the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, the growing organism needs it especially badly. In its absence, rickets and diseases of the bone system develop in dogs.

The first sign of vitamin deficiency is an abrupt changeTastes of preferences. If the dog traded pet food for much less tasty and useful lime and land, then it's time to go to the doctor. It is treated with beriberi sunbathing and ultraviolet training. In food, veterinarians recommend adding phosphorus salts, meat-and-bone meal, ground egg shells. Also, a lot of vitamin D in beef liver, dairy products and chicken eggs.

Vitamin E

The most symbolic vitamin - it is opposedAnd is responsible for the reproductive system. Its shortage can provoke the development of infertility. So especially this vitamin is necessary, if the pet should become the parent.

Vitamin E is found in sprouted wheat and vegetable oil. Although how to convince a pet to eat sprouted wheat is a big question ...

Vitamin K

The basis of life is blood. For the most valuable fluid in the body is responsible for vitamin K. In its absence, blood coagulates poorly. As a result - any, even insignificant, wound leads to large blood loss. To prevent this from happening, the pet needs to be planted with love for greenery and fish meal.

What is important to remember?

Hypervitaminosis, that is, an excess of vitamin, tooCan do much harm. So, every spring and autumn, our shaggy and tailed pets experience a lack of vitamins. And to a greater extent this applies to those animals that receive natural nutrition. The fact is that in the purchased feed manufacturers usually add vitamin supplements.

If the pet is preparing a special meal, thenThe owner should carefully consider the menu. And in the off-season add to the menu special vitamins for dogs. Find them will help a veterinarian. Do not try to independently diagnose vitamin deficiency in an animal. With this task, as well as with the choice of treatment, only a qualified doctor can cope.

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