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The most kind breeds of dogs

When a child asks parents to give him a dog, adults face the problem of choosing a breed. And they begin to wonder: "What is the most good breed of dogs? "

However, many forget that a dog isanimal. Initially, it is friendly to man. A dog never has the intention to harm a person. Only upbringing makes a dog an evil monster or a good-natured being, regardless of its breed. Therefore, the same breeds often top the ratings of the most evil and kindest dogs.

Choosing a puppy for a child or an experienced dog breeder should be guided by such features of the breed as the ability to obedience, manageability, non-prevailing qualities of the leader.

Long-term observations made it possible to rank the dogs with such qualities. The first place in it was taken by a golden retriever. This is an affectionate, sociable and faithful dog, adoring children. They calmly get along with any animals, not seeking to dominate. They easily learn and become nannies themselves.

The second line was occupied by child-loving St. Bernards. Despite their impressive size, these are very obedient and peace-loving dogs.

Next is a labrador retriever, veryTied to the owners and always trying to please them. Therefore this breed is perfectly trained. It is a family breed, intelligent and friendly, which needs a lot of attention as a true family member. He loves the guests and remembers well the friends of the family.

The most kind dog

Also one of the most kind breeds can be calledBasset hound. They are slightly less obedient to all previous breeds. This "eternal teenager" - naughty, sometimes capricious, but never boring. These dogs love society and people, and animals.

The Irish Setter is very playful and energeticA dog, joyfully frolicking with both people and dogs and become a great companion to the child in the game. They are easy to learn and are always ready to go for a walk. This is a friendly, affectionate and calm dog, who needs activity: jogging on a bicycle, running.

Collies get along well with children of any age. They are very gentle and intelligent, well trained dogs. They are playful, always not averse to running. Such a dog can be bought and a seven-year-old child, helping him to educate and train her.

The Newfoundlands are very kind. They are even called "coming babysitters" for tenderness, kindness and patience with children.

Poodles are affectionate and unusually clever. They get on well with children, even the smallest. In addition, it is the safest dog for allergy sufferers.

Also one of the kindest dogs, oddly enough, has proved to be the bull terrier. True, it must be a purebred thoroughbred dog, properly educated.

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