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Dandruff in dogs: causes, treatment

Did your dog get dandruff? With what it can be connected? Dandruff in the dog - scales of the epidermis - the upper stratum corneum. This is not just not beautiful, but can be a sure sign of some kind of disturbance in the animal's body and, perhaps, quite serious.

Or, in general, evidence of chronic diseases. Therefore, the appearance on the pet's coat of numerous white scales should be the reason not to go to the pet store for shampoo, but to the veterinarian. Only he will determine the true cause of dandruff.

Possible causes of dandruff

This is normal when the cells of the upper layer of the skinThey die and are constantly replaced by new ones. But this usually does not occur noticeably to the eyes. An alarm sign is when there are too many white flakes.

Reasons for dandruff in dogsDandruff can occur due to the usual drynessSkin, for example, in dry air during the heating season. You can cope with this problem by combing your pet's fur with a soft brush daily. Such massage stimulates the inflow of nutrients and blood to the skin. Before brushing on the coat and skin of the dog, it is useful to apply a moisturizer. You can just a small amount of conditioner for dog hair dilute with water, pour into a spray and shake. When combing, periodically enough to sprinkle it on the coat.

Here are the possible causes of dandruff in dogs:

  • The cause of dandruff can be the transferred stress. Then, she will pass after the animal calms down.
  • In some breeds of dogs dandruff occurs during moulting, for example, in Spitz. After the moulting the wool acquires the former neat appearance.
  • Quite often dandruff appears due toUnbalanced or malnutrition, or is a signal of food allergies in dogs. Most often the canine organism reacts so much to flavors and chemical additives that are abundantly contained in cheap feeds. In this case, it is necessary to change the ration of the pet, for example, from dry food to transfer to natural food. Also, do not give water from the tap. It is better to pour filtered or boiled water.
  • Dandruff can signal the presence of parasites, for example, a hair mite that feeds on lymph and tissue fluid. With him, the dog will be scratched fiercely.
  • Dandruff can be one of the symptoms of hormonal disorder or such serious diseases as dermatitis in dogs, eczema, diabetes.


  1. Since dandruff is just a symptom, that isA sign, a consequence of another problem of the body, then it is necessary to treat the main problem. Therefore, noticing the pet dander, you need to go with the dog to the vet.
  2. If the animal is found to be seriousDisease, the veterinarian will prescribe a scheme of necessary treatment. If it turns out that the cause of dandruff was dry air, stress or lack of nutrients, then it will be enough to buy a multivitamin or a special shampoo.
  3. For skin causes of dandruff, the dog is bathed in medical shampoos from seborrhea: Seborin, Nizoral, Sebozol, etc. It is better not to dry the dog with a hair dryer.

Prevention of dandruff

In order to avoid dandruff for the simplestCause, prevention is necessary. To do this, you need to organize the proper feeding of the pet, monitor its balance. In the diet of the dog must necessarily include all the necessary minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A, which takes care of the skin. Also, it is worth minimizing stressful situations and regularly inspecting the dog from a veterinarian, carrying out the destruction of parasites.

You can not wash your dog too often: more often than three times a year. When choosing a shampoo, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

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