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The most evil breeds of dogs

Many have long understood that dogs areAggressive only thanks to man. Getting into the hands of the owner, who does not know how and does not want to raise a dog, any dog ​​can become dangerous regardless of the breed. Knowingly the cynologists on the question: "Which breed is the most wicked" answer: "Not brought up."

Statistics, which is conducted for more than thirty years, shows that a dog of any breed can attack a person. There are cases of deaths after the attack of the good St. Bernards.

Many canine breeds are much strongerRights. A significant impact on their behavior is provided by timely socialization and proper training. Nevertheless, some breeds of dogs are bred, especially selecting and cultivating aggression.

In the United States, cases of dog attacks on humans over the past thirty years have been studied and analyzed, and as a result, a dozen of the most evil breeds of dogs are made up.

With a huge margin first in this rankingTook pit bull terriers. It's a fearless dog, ready to attack any opponent. This breed was withdrawn exclusively for fighting purposes, but some people began to be used for intimidating and even criminal purposes. Therefore, this breed was banned in many countries. To grow an adequate animal, it is necessary to properly educate it from the very childhood with the participation of a professional cynologist.

The most evil dogRottweilers took the second place. It is a dog with a strong territorial instinct. Raised by a guard, she will not let down a stranger or any other dog. Therefore, they are considered extremely aggressive.

Third on the danger to human lifeWere husky. The number of their victims is 10 times less than that of the pit bull terrier, but the percentage of deaths is much higher - more than 50%. Husky is a bad guard and an extremely active dog, requiring exhausting training, otherwise she misses and becomes uncontrollable.

More attacks, but slightly fewer deathsOutcomes are fixed from the teeth of the wolf hybrids. There are several breeds where wolves were found with domestic dogs, for example, Saarloos wolfhound, Czechoslovak wolf. Because of their diverse genetics, these breeds react unpredictably to certain situations. They have a high hunting instinct and for domestic content this dog does not fit. Often dog-wolves attack young children, perceiving them as victims.

The next in the list of the most evil breeds of dogs is the Canarian Great Dane. This is a very strong and completely fearless animal, especially suspicious of strangers.

Also in the top ten dogs, from which most oftenPeople suffer, chow-chow. They can attack a master who forgot to feed them. The German shepherds and their half-breeds, the pit bulls and dobermans are also on the list.

There are other ratings of the most spiteful dogs, and theyNot always converge on the same breeds. For example, according to one of them the most malicious dogs dog experts call a mongrel for their unpredictability. These dogs lack the qualities of the breed, which are fixed by artificial selection.

In second place was a chihuahua ham for its unstable psyche and weak nerves. And very few people expect harm from such a baby and therefore often is skilful.

The third place is occupied by the Central Asian Shepherd, which needs to be well socialized and trained, and the owners do not always do it correctly in consequence of their own uncertainty.

In the rating of the most evil breeds of dogs came the poodle, which often bites because of incorrect education or its complete absence. Many owners believe that decorative dogs do not need it. For the same in the ranking were the Pekingese, as well as the fee.

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