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Backpacks for dogs: backpack-carrying, transformer: what to buy?

Every small dog should havePersonal carrying. It is necessary for a quieter and safer journey to the vet, for mating, trips to exhibitions or for rest. One of the most convenient options for canine carrying, from the point of view of the owner, is a backpack.

Putting the dog in a backpack, which is hung onShoulders, you can significantly alleviate your fate. Especially if the pet weighs more than two kilograms. And the hands are released so that you can take some more luggage.

Modern manufacturers of goods for animals offer several types of backpacks for dogs.

Backpack-carrying bag for dogs

It is designed for dogs of small breeds weighing up to 8 kg. To place the dog opens the upper valve or side wall on the front wall is made a "window", covered with a grid for viewing. There are models in which you can unfasten this grid. There are models of backpacks without a mesh, but simply with a hole for the head in this case, the pet will have to fasten to the carabiner inside the backpack and use this model only in the summer.

Backpack-carrying bag for dogs

The flat bottom, and sometimes the interlayer of the walls is made of plastic, which keeps the shape well. For winter it is better to choose a backpack with a sinterpon layer or to make additional warming yourself.

For a particular dog, you can choose a more spacious or compact size of the backpack. It is best to choose a backpack made of nylon, it is stronger and will withstand even the most mobile pet.

In the catalogs of many dog ​​companiesGoods you can find a bag-backpack, designed for wearing in front, the type of "kangaroo". Such a backpack is especially suitable for a shy animal and a puppy because the dog does not lose contact with the owner.


There are models that, depending onOf necessity can be transformed both into a backpack, and into a bag with handles. This bag can be worn in both hands and over the shoulder thanks to straps that are adjustable in length.

To place the dog in such a bag, there are different options for entering both the front and the side.

Also there are backpacks-transformers, whichAre transformed into a bag-carriage on wheels. These bags are especially convenient for transporting medium-sized dogs, weighing up to 15 kg. As a rule, they provide a warm layer for the winter, a comfortable dense bottom.

Choosing such a backpack for a dog, you must pay close attention to the quality of the wheels before buying a copy you like.

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