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New Year costumes for dogs: types, photos

Preparing for the New Year holidays, people want to attach to the fun and pets. And one of the ways of such familiarization is the New Year entourage in the image of a dog.

Now is not uncommon even specialBalls-masquerades, specially designed for dogs. But even in the New Year's Eve, the owners often want to decorate their pets, reminding themselves of the upcoming holiday.

New Year costumes for dogs can be divided into two categories: street and masquerade.

New Year's street costumes for dogs

Street costumes are the same as for ordinaryWalks: they are warm and designed for walking in cold weather. In addition, they are decorated in a New Year style. Most often these are jackets and coats that resemble the clothes of Santa Claus, Santa Claus or Snow Maiden, although funny deer are also found. Such clothes on the dog create a festive mood for the owner and passers-by.

Typically, these costumes are red with a white rim. Although you can decorate a pet, just plating the usual suit with a shiny "rain" or elegant beads.

An indispensable attribute are red boots, which at the same time will warm and protect paws from an aggressive street environment. Complement the street attire hood or hat with pompoms.

Masquerade costumes for dogs

A dog in a superman costumeConsidering photos of dogs in fancy dress, it's hard not to be surprised by human imagination.

One of the most popular costumes for dogs is the Superman outfit. Also in the course and the images of other superheroes: Spiderman, Spiderman and Batman.

After the superheroes, the second most popular are costumes of fairy-tale and cartoon characters. Very nice looking boxers in the images of pirates or the toy-terrier in the form of Cheburashka.

Even funnier, when a dog with a rather fierce snoutDress up with a bee, duckling or fish. In the course and such images as: princes and princesses, goblins and trolls, shaggy primitive savages skeletons, mummies of pharaohs and many others.

The third in the popularity rating of carnivalCostumes for dogs are images of professions. Cowboys, policemen, divers and pilots, doctors and prisoners, sailors and cosmonauts - it is difficult to list all possible variations of dog clothes on this topic.

Funny looking dogs, rummaged inanimate objects: Aipad, aircraft, bananas and even hot dogs.

With the help of a fancy dress from a dog, you canMake a lion, a three-headed dragon, a horse, a dinosaur, a crocodile or a squirrel and even a terrible spider. And then people are provided with laughter and fun, and the dog - everyone's attention.

Photo of dogs in New Year costumes

Photo of New Year's costumes

Photos of dogs in New Year's costumes

New Year's, carnival costumes for dogs

Pug in a New Year suit

Dogs in Christmas costumes

Dogs in fancy dress

Smiling dog in a New Year suit

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