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Bloating in dogs or flatulence: treatment

Bloating of the stomach for a dog is not uncommon. However, this is a rather dangerous condition due to the fact that stretching with gases leads to an obstruction of the esophagus, and even a stomach turn and its further displacement.

As a result, the lung function and venous outflow are disrupted, cardiovascular failure occurs, the animal experiences a rapid shock and dies literally within one to two hours. Bloating in the dog is called meteorism.

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Causes of bloating in dogs

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  • Gases are always formed in the intestines as a result of digestion. But in a normal situation, they move along the intestines and are pushed out.
  • Often excessive gassing in the intestine occurs when ingesting air during eating, when the dog eats too fast, swallowing food whole.
  • The most common cause of flatulenceAre deep disorders of the digestive system. They cause accumulation in the stomach of a large number of gases, which arises from the rotting of food debris. This happens when the intestines with difficulty digest some foods.
  • Also, flatulence can accompany food allergies and bowel diseases that disrupt its normal functioning.


Treatment of flatulence or bloating in dogsFlatulence can be acute, delayed andChronic form. In the chronic course of the disease, she does not particularly show herself, but over time, the animal has abnormalities in the liver and pancreas, which increasingly lead to improper digestion of food.

Veterinarians in the development of this condition often blame dry food with soybeans.

The acute form of the disease is much more dangerous. The dog whimpers and worries at the same time, her stomach is puffed up and strained, diarrhea and vomiting can develop, appetite decreases, her gums acquire a cyanotic or gray shade. Urgent treatment is required to the veterinarian, who will conduct the necessary studies to exclude the deficiency of digestive enzymes and bowel disease. As a rule, tests of feces and blood are taken, the X-ray is made to the dog.

Treatment of bloating in dogs

The main task in the treatment of flatulence is to removeBloating of the stomach. To do this, it is necessary to rinse the stomach with a rotopischevodny probe and introduce sorbents into it. Sometimes veterinarians pierce the abdominal wall with a special needle - trocar, to remove gases.

In severe cases, intensive therapy with stimulants of peristalsis with support of the cardiovascular system is carried out.

Preventive measures of flatulence

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  • To prevent before intensive care is betterJust properly feed the animal so that it does not have flatulence. This is especially true of large breeds of dogs, in which bloating is most often observed.
  • The diet of a dog prone to flatulence shouldConsist of easily digestible food, divided into small pieces to avoid swallowing air. Feed better three times a day after a walk. Do not give water to the dog immediately after active games.
  • It is also better not to experiment with food, but to make any transfer to new food gradually.
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