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Gps dog collar: which model is best to buy

A real family tragedy is the lossFavorite dog. And she can get lost in the city and in the countryside. A real find for owners is a GPS-collar with which you can always track the movement of a four-legged friend directly from a mobile phone or computer.

A compact GPS tracker is attached to a harness orCollar and with an accuracy of 5 meters determines the coordinates of finding the dog using a GPS satellite system. On a scalable electronic map, you can see the exact address of the pet's habitat. To do this, just send an SMS-request to a special number or open a WEB-page on the computer.

The gps dog collar also has a number of convenient functions

  • For example, a "virtual fence". The marks on the electronic map indicate the territory that the dog should not leave until the owner reaches it. If the boundaries are dog violated, the owner of the animal immediately receives SMS messages. Also on the phone can come messages about the critical battery charge.
  • If the dog quite often tries to "leave on free bread", the owner will need a record of the history of movements of the freedom-loving. This information is stored on the Internet for up to three years.
  • Another convenient feature of the GPS tracker is the presence of an alarm button. When you click on it, the owner immediately receives an alarm. This button can be clicked by the person who found the dog.
  • This device can work autonomously for a long time - up to a day and a half, and it can be charged from the car "cigarette lighter", which makes the tracker quite practical.

Which gps dog collar to buy?

Buy gps dog collarThere are many different devices that are attached to the dog collar to control the animal. They are produced by different companies, and the prices for such devices can range from $ 50 to $ 600.

One of the most expensive is the device fromCompany Garmin. It is convenient for use by hunters. When the dog "took a trace", then in the direction of movement, the hunter will quickly orient and find the animal and its prey.

The system will not allow you to lose track of the pet in the conditions of the plain at a distance of up to 10 km. Among the hills, the signal will be lost earlier, but the device will record the last known coordinates.

Especially convenient is that the system can trackSimultaneously moving up to a dozen dogs. Simply everyone will need a separate collar, and they are all programmed for one GPS-PDA for the owner.

This device is designed for large and medium-sized dogs, since its weight is 170 grams.

Also, there is a device that allows you to control the movement of the pet around the house when it is left to itself. This is a small keychain, which will suit the tiniest dog.

The device can record all movements of the animal or automatically transmit information to the computer, and then to the company's website, from where it is received by the owner.

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