/ / Training apparatus for dogs: sports, racks, street

Training apparatus for dogs: sports, racks, street

Simulators need dogs in different cases. When the owner has no time to walk a pet that needs long and significant loads.

When preparing for sports andExhibitions, including for the development of certain skills. If necessary, lose weight if the dog is obese or recover faster after an injury or surgery.

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Types of simulators for dogs

Rack simulator

Training rack for dogsHelps the dog to develop an exhibition stand. Such a simulator consists of four columns on a stand, which are installed in the desired position. On them in the exhibition pose a dog is placed and learns to hold a pose.

The bars are placed on the magnetic board and their position can be corrected at any time to correct the rack.

Sports training equipment for dogs

Such simulators, for example, include a small gun - a small sled, for which the skier is held. A puller is pulled by one or more dogs.

As a simulator, the cannon is used to practice dog skills, such as racing in a harness or shipping.

Training with a gun has a practical interest,Because the dog can be actively used for transportation of tourist equipment, harnessed to a pool for children or for picnics. Special bullets are used by rescuers to transport victims and cargo in places inaccessible to transport.

A well-loaded bullet becomes a power trainer for a dog.


Help to ensure the activity and maintenance of a good physical form of the dog at home. They are also used to rehabilitate an animal after a trauma or surgery.

Treadmills for dogs are mechanical(Driven by the muscular strength of the dog) and electrical. In the mechanical path, the load level changes by changing the angle of the belt or using magnets. More often such tracks are used for developing driving skills, as well as training for hunting dogs.

The cloth of the electric treadmill is driven by an electric motor. Due to this, it is possible to adjust the speed of motion in different ways, that is, the loadOutdoor fitness equipment for dogs Dogs and using the display to control various parameters: speed, training time, the number of calories spent, distance traveled and others.

On the track, you can attach a special harness, so that the dog does not leave the simulator without permission.

Outdoor fitness equipment for dogs

They are installed on a special site forTraining of dogs. They are easy to make and independently from improvised materials. For example, 12 pegs are driven into the ground, between which the dog must maneuver, without touching them.

Also hangs a ring, in which the dog mustTo slip through. Its standard diameter, and the height of the suspension is adjustable from 6 to 70 cm. The coordination and dexterity of the dog helps to work out a special tunnel.

It consists of metal pegs that support its balance, and a tunnel of metal rings and nylon fabric.

To street simulators are various logs and obstacle strips.

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