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Upright stomach in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Zavorot stomach in dogs - acute disease, which is accompanied by a rapid increase in the volume of the stomach (for several hours) and a sharp deterioration in the state of the animal until death.

It is characteristic mainly for dogs of large breeds: East European, German and Central Asian sheep-dogs, Great Danes, Dobermans, Riesenschnauzer, Black Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Labradors, etc.

Symptoms of vomiting in dogs

  • The condition of the animal deteriorates against the background of external well-being. Usually a densely poised dog after an active walk.
  • First, the dog begins to behave restlessly,Groans, does not find a place. Her saliva flows, unsuccessful attempts to vomit, and the stomach begins to increase significantly. If you knock on the abdominal wall, then on the left in the area of ​​the last rib you hear a loud sound.
  • Literally after a couple of hours, the symptoms of a breathing disorder increase, there is frequent palpitation, weakness of the back, and then of the forelegs, the mucous membranes are pale, the temperature decreases.

Cause of a stomach turn

Treatment of vomiting of stomach in dogsIt is noticed that they are especially prone to turningStomach dog with deep thorax. Also, the causes of the disease are abundant feeding once a day with poor-quality fodders and bulky porridge and vegetables, active walks after a dense meal, the greed of the dog when eating food and ingesting air while eating.

Gastric motility may also be impaired inThe result of chronic stretching of the walls with bulk food, as well as of stomach diseases such as wall formation or chronic gastritis, chronic diseases of the pancreas, liver and bile ducts, and helminthiases.

As a result of a curvature, the stomach sharply expandsBecause of the accumulated gases in it from the fermentation of feed. This causes a spasm of gastric sphincters, which leads to a violation of blood supply and innervation of the stomach wall.

After this, the gas-filled stomachTwists around its axis. Together with the stomach around the esophagus, the gastro-splenic ligament and spleen rotate, the blood vessels contract, and blood circulation is disturbed throughout the body.

The spleen stagnant blood, and because ofLack of air in the lungs in the body accumulate toxic products, the work of all organs is disrupted. In this case, a violation of nutrition of the heart muscle leads to death.


If the dog suddenly feels sick and hasThere were first signs of a curvature, it is necessary as soon as possible to turn to a veterinary clinic with a surgical department. Help should be provided within 4-6 hours from the appearance of the first signs of the disease. Otherwise, the animal will surely die.

When diagnosing a "stomach turn" to a dogAn emergency operation is required to return the stomach to its normal position, wash it and release it from the gases and fodder masses and then sew in the lateral abdominal wall. The success of the operation is on average 70%, but without it, the mortality rate in dogs due to a stomach turn is 100%. After surgery, the dog needs a good post-operative care.

With what you can be confused?

In young dogs, there is an expansion of the stomach without its twisting. It also requires medical attention, but the consequences are not so dramatic.

If the stomach remained in its place, the operationThe dog is not needed. The doctor in this case will empty the stomach of the dog with a probe, carefully wash it and introduce anti-bodily preparations: lignin, activated carbon, enterosgel or other. Of course, it will be necessary to change the exercise and diet, and if necessary (for example, in case of relapse) to undergo a routine examination and, possibly, treat the digestive organs.

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