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New year with a dog

The most beloved, long-awaited holidays are,Of course, Christmas and New Year. Days that are associated with magic and a little bit with childhood. True, it is not fun at this time for everyone: for our smaller brothers, winter celebrations are associated with serious stress and conceal many dangers, from which only we, the careful owners, can protect them.

Christmas diet

The very first thing that can spoil a holiday to allDogs - this is, surprisingly, the food. All veterinarians, breeders and just competent owners know that animals need special food, and not delicacies from the "human" table. But if the owners usually try to follow the recommendations for feeding pets, on holidays people do not mind making an exception and please the animals with what is usually forbidden to them.

That's only for animals, even the freshestAromatic chicken with curry or chocolate cake can become a real poison ... It is no accident that on holidays, according to the statistics of veterinary clinics, poisoning cases in dogs become more than 3 times. So you need to keep yourself in hand. And follow the festive diet of pets.

The kitchen in principle is not the best in the holidaysPlace for pets. In addition to tasty, but harmful food that you can get (or steal), there is still a huge amount of technology. And if in normal days, the owners are attentive, then before the New Year, there is so much to do ... Therefore, washing machines and dishwashers remain unclosed, electric knives - turned on, and ovens - open. To protect your pet from possible injuries, you need to be careful. If cooking is in full swing in the kitchen, then it's worth limiting the pet's access.

We decorate wisely

Dogs in the New YearDecorating a house for Christmas, think not only aboutThe beauty of New Year's toys. Pets are the same children. They are also all interested. And all that is interesting, you need to try on the tooth. So decoration? Which can be poisoned, choked or cut, it is better not to bring to the house at all.

Electric garlands should be checked at once forReliability and weigh higher - so that the cat could not break them, and the dog gnawed. The mood of the pet is a bit spoiled, but it will save you from an electric shock.

Forest Beauty

What is the New Year without a Christmas tree? She smells of resin and helps to enjoy the holiday just like in childhood. Unfortunately, an unexpected "passenger free rider" can penetrate into your house on a living Christmas tree. On the bark of a tree in the house can get ticks, which, having warmed up, go in search of food. An artificial Christmas tree will not create such problems.

By the way, it is useful for owners of caudate restlessWill be an additional strengthening of the New Year tree, because even a tiny and tender cat is capable of knocking down a tree with a careless stroke of the foot. A falling tree can not only greatly scare, but also injure a pet.

By the way, many dogs have seen a fieryLove of rain. First shaggy gourmets densely decorate with this decoration, and then the owners in every possible way they are treated for problems with the stomach. The conclusion is logical: is it worth it in principle to decorate the house with a "rain" if the dog lives in the same house?

Guests dear

The rooms are shining, the gala dinner is ready, allDomestic animals in good health. But the holiday is just beginning. They say that the more guests on New Year's Eve - the richer the year will be. And the more often in the process of the holiday the front door opens. And this is an extra opportunity for curious pets to be on the street and in the bustle of celebration get lost.

The perfect solution for a new year in a noisyCompanies - it is still to isolate pets. If we are talking about cats or dogs, then they can allocate a room for the time of celebration. Only in advance it is necessary to put there everything necessary - food, water, to move the place for sleep. The cat should put the tray to the morning of the new year passed without unpleasant surprises.

And one more thing…

Another unpleasant factor for a pet is noise. A big company, loud music - all this can greatly frighten a pet. And if you add firecrackers, firecrackers, fireworks ... Here, an adult balanced, forewarned person can be frightened. What can we say about the hairy and feathered? Unfortunately, avoiding the noise on New Year's Eve is unrealistic. So you need to try to keep pets away from its sources. The exit is the same - a distant room or a cozy pantry.

It is impossible not to mention smoking. This harmful habit spoils the health not only for people, but for pets. Especially do not like cigarette smoke birds. And if several people smoke in the same room with a bird, the consequences can be sad. Parrots and canaries start to pull out their feathers. And instead of a bird of paradise, you can get a naked sick and unhappy creature after the holidays.

Nakedness goes to sphinx cats, but not to parrots. Most of the holidays are lucky for the inhabitants of aquariums and terrariums. It is enough to check the serviceability of all technical systems, if they exist, in time to feed, water and curtain the cloth. Such precautions will protect pets from the turmoil and unnecessary attention of guests.

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