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Treadmill for dogs

The sign of modernity is a busy person and a person who is not always in time. And if he is the owner of the dog, it turns into a lack of motor activity of his pet.

In this case, some breeds of dogs are extremelyDaily reinforced training is important. First of all, this applies to hunting and service breeds. Dog hypodynamia manifests itself as a violation of metabolic processes, and this leads to obesity, problems with joints and the heart. The nervous system suffers as well as the reproductive function of dogs.

A good solution to this problem can be a special treadmill for a dog. With its help, the dog can provide regular activity and maintain a good physical shape, regardless of the employer's occupation, as well as weather conditions.

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In addition, the treadmill helps to rehabilitate the dog after a trauma or surgery, when there is a need for movement, and long walks are still impossible.

Types of racetracks for dogs

By the type of movement of the web and, consequently, the internal device, the treadmills are divided into two main classes: electrical and mechanical.

The track of the mechanical track is in motionIs given by the muscles of the dog itself. To increase or decrease the level of load in these simulators, the angle of inclination of the belt changes. There is a version of the mechanical treadmill, in which the load varies with the help of special magnets.

Mechanical tracks are inexpensive, but they are not universal and are suitable for working dogs that have driving skills. Or for hunting dogs who need to run a lot.

Advantages of electric treadmills for dogs

In the electric treadmill, the blade is driven by an electric motor.

  • Thanks to the electronic speed control, the dog on such a path can be provided with a load of different intensity. The speed on it can be developed up to 15 km per hour.
  • These cardiovascular equipment are equipped with a display on which is displayed: training time, distance traveled, current speed, amount of calories spent and other parameters.
  • This is especially valuable if the task with the help of a treadmill is to lose weight of a dog, and also in preparation for sports competitions.
  • In addition, dogs, as well as humans, tend toTo be lazy. And if on the street a dog next to a bicycle can joyfully run for an hour, then on the treadmill, in a home relaxing atmosphere, it will in twenty minutes pretend that it is dead tired. The display will allow an objective assessment of the load and condition of the animal.
  • Electric treadmills have a running length of about 120 cm and are comfortable even for the largest dogs. After training, the track can be compactly folded.

How to accustom a dog to a treadmill?

That the dog is not frightened of the simulator, it is necessaryInvolve in the initial assembly of this strange and unidentified object. Treat the dog with a delicacy, you need to collect a simulator, playing with the pet, showing its safety.

Only after the dog gets used to himselfThe presence of a track, you can turn it on at the lowest speed. The dog needs to be planted in front of the running track, from the other end, like a conveyor, launching pieces of delicacy. Gradually, you need to increase the speed of the tape, feeding your pet.

After that, you can start walking on the canvasTreadmill at low speed. Give the dog a command "Nearby!" And stand near the path, placing the dog on the simulator. Walk alongside the dog to make it easier to get used to a new sensation. Loudly praise your pet and reward with a delicacy. The speed should be increased gradually, from occupation to occupation, per week bringing it to run at 5-6 km per hour.

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