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Ammunition for dogs

Dogs need special ammunition. It is everyday, dressed, exhibition and special.

Household accoutrements for dogs

The domestic dog accouchement is a collar, leash and muzzle - things without which a decent dog does not go for a walk.

For a walk you need a normal leather collar andSimple leash: nylon or of a slings, long, short or winding roulette. Small dogs or puppies should be worn in a harness. For simultaneous walking of several dogs a special leash is used.

Ammunition for training dogs

Muzzle is better to use metal, inWhich the dog can breathe freely, unlike a tight leather muzzle. However, the metal muzzle can not be used in the cold. An aggressive dog needs a solid muzzle.

Ammunition for training dogs

For training, special collars are usedfor dogs. For example, using a strict collar with spikes inside (parforsa), the dog is taught to walk nearby. Training collars are particularly reliable, it is impossible to break them. This should protect both the animal and the trainer from injury.

The training equipment also includes a suit,Sleeves, gloves and trainer masks that protect him from bites. These suits are of several types: lightweight (similar to ordinary sports clothing), standard (comfortable and well protected), maximum protection (similar to an astronaut's space suit) and covert protection ( Set of individual flaps).

For training dogs also need kusalki and gryzaki, importing toys and objects.

Exhibition ammunition for dogs

At the exhibition certain breeds of dogs need their ownequipment. For example, a ring is a special narrow leash of leather or nylon. It is fixed behind the dog's ears, or placed on the back. The purpose of such a leash is not to attract the attention of the judges, who should concentrate on the dog. Therefore, it is often chosen color pet color. At the same time, it must be very strong, so that in case of a dog's fright, it can withstand the strength of the animal.

Exhibition ammunition for decorative rocksDogs are even considered just a beautiful collar, in harmony with the color of the pet. Smooth-haired dogs are often decorated with elegant metal collars-chains.

Special ammunition

This category includes ammunition for special cases or types of dog work. For example, equipment for sled dogs or for a hiking trip.

A sled dog needs a special glue, to which the animal is harnessed. The correct harness is sewn with a fabric for softness and allows to distribute the load correctly for dogs.

A dog-tourist needs a special backpack, inWhich she carries a stock of her food and water. Often in such a backpack is provided a special drinker, which allows the dog to drink without stopping to rest. For mountain hikes the dog also needs special shoes that will protect the paws from sharp stones.

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