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Hygiene of dogs and puppies

The dog is an indispensable companion of manFor many thousands of years. Currently, a huge number of people take to their house puppy, to make him his four-legged friend for many years.

In order for your pet to live in comfortableConditions, it is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene, which are very important in the life of any dog. From the first days after the acquisition of the puppy, it is necessary to create a place for him that must meet certain requirements.

The rules of dog hygiene

  • The first of which is the absence of draftsAvoid catarrhal diseases, because the young organism is receptive to them. Further, it is necessary to provide enough light for the puppy's orientation in space.
  • The place you choose is not recommended to be changed, soAs a dog quickly gets used to and changes in it lead to stress. A correct and balanced diet will help to avoid diseases of the digestive tract.
  • If the house has small children, it is necessaryExplain that the dog is a living being, but not a toy. To feed the puppy it is also necessary to allocate a certain place, in which bowls with food and drinking water will be located. To ensure that the pet is always in a well-groomed form, it is worth buying brushes and combs for wool, shampoo for washing, and also claw-nails.
  • Bathing puppies for up to two months is not recommended. The exception is the case when the dog is very dirty. In this case, after washing the puppy, it is necessary to wrap in a towel and dry it well.

Hygiene of dogsWhen observing the rules of hygiene, dogs pay special attention to the ears, which must be regularly cleaned with a cotton swab and a special liquid. Contamination of the auricle can lead to the development of purulent diseases, inflammation. When cleaning the eyes, apply a swab dipped in water.

It is necessary to remember the daily inspection of the feet andRemoval of foreign objects or contaminants from them. When the nails are shortened, a claw is used, undercutting the tip of the claw. When combing the wool, it is necessary to untangle all the coils in their presence. Special combs are used for these purposes.

Another important component is theMaintenance of dental health. It is known that the excessive intake of sweet food into the body contributes to the formation of caries in dogs. With the hygiene of the oral cavity, use a brush and a special toothpaste. Brush your teeth several times a week.

Thus, it is necessary to observe the rules on a daily basisHygiene of the puppy, monitor his health, skin, coat, teeth, eyes and ears, and also paws. It must be remembered that if any deviations are found it is worthwhile to contact the veterinarian. Timely inspection and proper treatment will allow your pet to stay healthy and cheerful for many years.

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