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First aid to the dog: important rules

There are situations when it is impossible quicklyGo to a veterinary clinic, and the life of a pet is in danger. This can happen on vacation, for a walk in the woods, hunting. And the owner should always be ready to provide his dog with first aid.

To provide first aid you need to know about the physiological parameters of healthy dogs. The body temperature should be in the range of 37.5-39 degrees, the frequency of respiratory movements - 12-24 per minute, heart rate - 60-160 beats per minute.

First aid for poisoning a dog

The difficulty of helping with poisoning is related to the fact,That is not always known, what poisoned the animal: a poisoned rodent, household chemicals, poor-quality food, medicines. Common symptoms of poisoning are: depression, weakness, failure of water and food, and later dog diarrhea and vomiting.

First aid for poisoning in dogs

First aid is to remove the poison from theOrganism and maintenance of basic vital functions. It is necessary to immediately rinse the bowel enema (passed from poisoning for more than two hours) or cause vomiting (up to an hour).

Vomiting is caused by forced dog drinkingA saturated solution of table salt (two tablespoons on a glass of warm water). After vomiting, about a liter of a weak solution of potassium permanganate is poured into the dog and vomited again.

Then you can use an enema (0.5-3 liters)Rinse the intestines. After washing the intestine, the dog is given a mixture of vaseline oil (3 ml per 1 kg of body weight) and activated carbon (5 - 20 tablets). More information about poisoning dogs read here

If a dog is hit by a car

  • If as a result of an auto-trauma an animal has abundant bleeding, it is necessary to immediately tie up the affected area with an improvised material: a handkerchief, a scarf, etc.
  • For transportation to a veterinary clinic, it is better to wrap a dog in outer clothing, a blanket or just take it in your arms.
  • With craniocerebral trauma there can be disorientation and even loss of consciousness. It is important not to disturb the patient, but very accurately and quickly deliver it to the hospital.
  • If you suspect a fracture of the limb, you need to immobilize it in the position in which it is (not correcting).

Artificial respiration and heart massage

Artificial respiration and mass of the heart of a dog

It is done with cardiac arrest and lack of breathing. In this case, you need to do artificial respiration (from mouth to mouth or nose) and heart massage.

Both procedures are performed in a single rhythm inThe situation when the dog is unconscious due to electric shock, choking, inhaling smoke, shock, concussion, poisoning, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia and insufficiency, blood loss, got under the car, the dog sank, fell from a great height.

Such help should be provided without delay, literally within 1 to 3 minutes after cardiac arrest.

  • The dog is placed on a flat hard surface on the right side.
  • A piece of tissue is cleaned with a mouth, stretches out the tongue so that the throat is visible, and air is blown.
  • Alternate artificial respiration with an indirect massage of the heart: on the chest in the heart, press in the rhythm 60 times per minute for at least five seconds.
  • If one person helps, then after two blowing air, 10-15 pressure on the chest is done.

Signs of improvement are narrowing of the pupil, restoration of the pink color of the gums, the appearance of respiration, independent pulsation of the vessels. If the pupil does not narrow after 10 minutes of continuous cardiac massage, then there has come a biological death.

First aid to a dog with a solar or thermal shock

A dog can lose consciousness and for a short timeBlood supply to the brain will be broken and breathing will stop. To maintain the life of the brain, the animal needs to be lifted by the rear legs upside down and held for a few seconds, until it is inhaled.

Help with frostbite and burns

When frostbitten, the animal must be placed inA warm place, a blanket. You can not rub the affected parts of the body, you need to impose a thermo insulating cotton-gauze bandage. Offer a warm drink to a pet, for example milk.

When burned, the affected area should be gently washed with furacilin and left on the bandage open. The muzzle of the dog is isolated from the licking of the wound.

First aid with a dog bite

A dog's bite is dangerous for a person because such a wound is rather deep and quickly infected. And the teeth of the animal are not sterile, and microbes quickly penetrate the human blood.

If the bite is not very deep and without a strongBleeding, then the bitten place must first be thoroughly washed with soap - for 10 minutes running water, preferably with laundry soap, which has more alkali. Afterwards, a sterile bandage is applied to the site of the bite. The wound can be treated with hydrogen peroxide, around the bite grease with iodine or zelenka. And then necessarily go to the hospital.

Deep bites require stopping bleeding with a rubber tourniquet, a handkerchief, a scarf, any piece of fabric.

The most dangerous consequence of a dog bite isBe rabies. Therefore, if it is not known whether the animal is sick, it is necessary to tell the doctors about it. The myth of 40 injections from rabies in the stomach has long gone into oblivion. Today, six injections are applied to the shoulder, which is enough to prevent a deadly disease.

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