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Feeding an American Cocker Spaniel puppy and adult dog: diet

Feeding an American cocker spaniel usually does not cause any difficulties, since dogs of this breed have an excellent appetite.

This is very pleased owners, but this is also becomingA danger to the dog, especially for the puppy. There is a danger of regularly overfeeding the spaniel, and the puppy generally "stretch" the stomach. Excess weight of an urban dog will not be easy to relieve, so in feeding this breed it is very important to monitor the exact amount of food and the time of feeding.

Feeding a puppy of an American Cocker Spaniel

A monthly puppy is enough for one feeding 3-4Tablespoons of natural food, an adult dog and a half glasses. When feeding with dry food, you must strictly follow the directions on the package. It is also important never to give anything from your table.

There is another funny nuance. When a spaniel eats, his long ears get dirty in a bowl. In order that this does not happen, while eating a dog on his head, you can wear an elastic made of golf. You can also fix the ears on the back of the head with a clothespin for ear wool.

Feeding natural food: an approximate diet

The dog should always have a bowl of water. However, it is important to remember that milk is not water, but food. In general, his adult dog is better not to give. You can replace it with curdled milk or kefir. The main products for a spaniel should be:

  • meat,
  • a fish,
  • Porridge (buckwheat, rice, oats),
  • Fresh and stewed vegetables (carrots, onions, cabbage, turnip, pumpkin),
  • cottage cheese.

Meat or fish is better to give in the evening. Vegetables, cereals, salads, cottage cheese should be given in the morning. Manka Spaniel is best not to give because of high calorie. Of meat is most suitable not lean lamb, fat beef and chicken without bones. An adult dog should be given meat 5 times a week, fish twice.

As for the eggs, the pups are given a yolk,Hard-boiled, which is better diluted with milk. But only one egg per week is enough. Puppies are fed up to two months 6 times a day, up to 4 - 4 times a day, by the middle of the year they switch to three meals a day and can switch to a two-time feeding by the year.

An adult dog is fed one (usually in the summer) - twice a day (in winter). When naturally fed in the diet is to add specialized vitamins for dogs.

Feeding with dry food

Some producers of dry feed super premium class produce special spaniel food, which are as balanced as possible for dogs of this breed.

Premium foods are not divisible for certainBreeds, so choosing a diet spaniel, you should choose food, designed for dogs of medium breeds and for dogs with long hair. If the dog is used in hunting, then it is worth giving food to the active dogs.

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