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Rigging for a dog: buy or make by yourself?

Exhibition regulations prohibit a demonstrationDogs in the ring in harnesses, muzzles, strict and casual collars. The only permissible ammunition - a ring - leash, specially designed for displaying dogs in the exhibition ring.

The correct choice of ringing is of great importanceTo assess the dog and her victory at the exhibition. No less important is how the handler can handle this important "tool". The assortment of exhibition rifles is very diverse, in the line of almost any manufacturer there is such an accessory.

What is the best place to buy a dog?

The ideal ring is almost invisible on the dog, it should not contrast with the animal. At the same time, the thinner the ring, the harder it will beDog management. If the dog is young and inexperienced, the more shallow the breed, in the initial stages it is better to use soft wide ringers with a flat or round cross-section.

You can wear a thin ring-ring only when the dog learns to behave in different ammunition.

Choice of colors

Color ringing should be "masked" under the dog, complement it, and not stress the shortcomings. The ring, which contrasts sharply with the color of the animal, divides the neck and breaks the impression of integrity.

Pick up the driver you need in the tone of the dog's fur, and the wool is exactly where the ring will be located, that is, on the shoulders or behind the ears.

Black ringing is used when showing black,Gray and blue dogs, white - light monochrome and spotted dogs, beige - a wheat and pale yellow dog, and usually the Yorkshire terriers are exhibited on red riders.

Rules as such are not present, but, choosing a ring, notForget, the less it is noticeable on the animal, the better. And consider that against the background of snow-white ringing, a white dog may not look very clean, but a too bright coal ring will make the black dog's fur gray and faded.

We select the material

Exhibition ringers are made of nylon,Leather, nylon and metal. The material of the accessory should be selected in accordance with the physical capabilities of your pet. Even a well-trained dog is not immune to accidental jerk and too thin rope will simply burst.

Rigging for dogs to buyOn a small Chihuahua do not wear chains, but for large breeds you need more reliable ringing. A vodka should keep the dog in unexpected situations, which often occur at exhibitions.

Too many dogs in limitedSpace sometimes leads to fights, besides the animal can be frightened and suddenly jerk sharply. The litter should be comfortable for the dog, for example, too large gaps in the links of the chain can tear out the wool. The convenience of ringing for a handler is equally important.

It should lie comfortably in your hand, materialYou need to pick one that will not slide, cut your palm and stretch. The stretching material of the ringing complicates the work with the dog, which understands the "commands" better.

Length and width of the ringing for dogs

The thinner the accessory, the more profitable it will beLook at the dog. Wide, in addition, with a flat section, drivers shorten the neck during visual inspection. The length of the leash depends on the way the dog is displayed, its breed and the personal taste of the handler.

The smaller the dog, the longer it should beRing, respectively, for large breeds, it will be more appropriate to have a short runner. When the dog is in a free rack, and the handler is a step away from her, the ring should be free to sag, and with a handstand, with a fixed head and neck, it will be more convenient to have a short leash that is easier to pick up.

A thin and long ring is very easily confused, andWhen you need to quickly assemble it into a fist, you can form a knot that will cause a lot of inconvenience. The diameter of the "ring" is also important. You can not buy an accessory "for growth", the loop hinge should fit the neck of the dog.

Type of ringing for a dog

This is the most difficult aspect of choosing the right oneRinging, as there are many models, and there are no clearly defined rules for each breed. Therefore, the main criterion should be convenience for both the handler and the dog.

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