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Fashion for dogs, photo

Most people think that the outfits for dogs began to be created quite recently, and the first legislator of fashion for dogs was the chihuahua of the scandalously famous Hollywood diva Peris Hilton.

No matter how it is! The first clothes for dogs were sewn on territory of the Great Britain in times of king Arthur approximately in 520 year. True, it did not differ in its refinement: it was leather armor in which the dogs were wrapped to protect them during bloody military clashes.

From secular lionesses - to fashion for dogs

Cloaks and capes, remotely resemblingModern, appeared only in the 18th century. Homeland of clothes for dogs is England. Prudish Englishmen came to the conclusion that it is indecent to appear in public with a naked dog. In addition, these constant rains and fogs ... In general, the owners of dogs decided to wrap their pets in cloth, into something like an improvised dressing gown. There was no talk of beauty and fashion at that time.

Fashion for all breeds of dogs

The dogs really began to pamper France. It was there that the notion of "dog fashion" originated. Local secular lionesses demanded from their tailors to create an accurate reduced copy of their costumes - for their beloved dogs. The first company specializing in fashion for dogs was "GOYARD". By the way, she still only does this! In 1892, "GOYARD" published the world's first catalog of dog fashion. Then it was a real sensation.

Fashion for dogs in Japan

Today, by the number of stores in whichSelling clothes for dogs and beauty salons for animals, the leading place is occupied by Japan. By the way, it is the Japanese fashion designer Yakio Kato who is considered the father of elegant dog fashion.

The passion that made the designer famous began withThe fact that he sewed for his dog a beautiful blanket. His wife's friends were delighted with the pet, and Yakio Kato received the first orders. It was he who in 1982 opened in Tokyo the first ever Dog Fashion House. Fashion shows were held there twice a year. After consultation with veterinarians, Yakio Kato decided to release to his outfits a variety of accessories: items for hair care, shoes, special furniture and utensils.

Now for the dogs, the doors of the legendary fashion houses are open: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry ... And the venerable designers create a new collection for our four-legged friends every season.

So, in late October in the park Ritz Plaza inThe fashion show for animals was held in New York. Fashionable dogs in luxurious outfits, decorated with diamonds and furs, walked along the red carpet and catwalk. Designer of dog fashion Anthony Rubio presented his Chihuahua Gods dressed in a shiny golden coats, a mini-cylinder and a collar with ruffles. Another fashion designer Ashley Talmadge and her half-breed minstrel Riley showed a sporting style, dressed up in the T-shirts of the club "New York Giants". And one four-legged parade defile appeared on the podium in a red lacquer coat ...

Not a whim, but a necessity

Despite the fact that many are still skeptical about clothes for animals, veterinarians say that clothes for dogs are simply necessary, especially on cold days.

Why should we dress dogs?

  • Dogs of some breeds (Chinese Crested, Toy Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier) are not protected from the cold and rains and can freeze without clothes.
  • In winter, roads are sprinkled with specialComposition, which is very harmful to dogs: it eats away paws, tangles wool in dense coats. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is easier to shave a four-legged friend.
  • Also, animals should be worn after operations to protect the body from infections and microbes.

Many dogs categorically refuseDress up: they try to tear their pomants, growl and even go on a hunger strike. There are two reasonable explanations: either the outfit does not fit your pet in size, model, quality of the material, or the dog has this allergy. Check both versions. If, in spite of the changing of the wardrobe, the dog is set against clothes - it is worth turning to an experienced cynologist who will explain to your pet all the advantages of the autumn-winter wardrobe.

Fashion show for dogs, photo

Fashion show for dogs

Fashion show for dogs

Dogs demonstrate fashion

Dogs participate in the fashion show

Chihuahua on the fashion show

Dogs in fashion show

Fashion for animals

Fashion show for dogs and their owners

Hacks for dogs

Dogs on the podium

Clothing for dogs, fashion trends

Demonstration of clothes for dogs

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