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Hematomas in dogs: auricle, on the paw, treatment

Hematoma is a small hemorrhage from torn vessels to muscle tissue, with mechanical damage. This is one of the most common phenomena in dogs, especially young ones.

Most often there are hematomas as a result of injuries,Which caused severe bruises, fractures of bones, as well as rupture of blood vessels. There may be a hematoma in the dog and with micro-injuries that occur during surgery, when, for example, there is an incomplete stop of bleeding. Also, the cause of hematomas can be bites of other dogs.

Types of hematomas in dogs

By localization, hematomas are divided into: subcutaneous, intraorganic, intermuscular, retroperitoneal, pararectal and intracranial.

Depending on the site of hemorrhage, hematomas are classified as arterial, venous, pulsating and mixed.

Hematomas can cause a strong petDiscomfort, being in certain places. Sometimes, surgery may be required if pus accumulates in the hematoma. Therefore, before treating hematoma, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

Symptoms of hematoma in dogs

Hematoma of the auricle in dogsAt the point of hemorrhage formation, a swelling is characteristic for the hematoma, which manifests itself immediately after the injury, has well defined contours and rapidly increases in size. Ear cannabis in a dog is similar to a water-filled pillow or a heating pad. Initially, it gives the dog pain, but after a few days the pain passes, and the swelling can begin to flatten.

Usually the local body temperature rises inArea of ​​the hematoma, sometimes the nearest lymph nodes may increase. With an ear cannula, the dog tilts his head on his side and tries to comb the painful place.

Treatment of hematoma in dogs

  • First of all, for the rapid resolution of blood, thermal procedures are necessary for the hematoma. To do this, use lamps, compresses with paraffin, absorbent ointments, vaporization and solux.
  • With extensive hematomas, surgical intervention is used: the blood is removed from the hematoma cavity and the Novocaine-antibiotic solution is injected into the affected area. After this, apply a pressure bandage.
  • When a dog's hematoma occurs, the dog firstApply a pressure bandage. A few days later, the formed thrombus is removed surgically by intervention, after which the animal is given a course of antibiotics.

In order to prevent the formation of especially dangerous hematomas, it is worth contacting the veterinarian immediately after the injury.

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