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Warts in dogs: treatment

The appearance of warts in a dog is called papillomatosis, since warts are papillomas. This is a common viral disease, and papillomas are benign tumors.

They can occur on the lips, in the mouth, in the soft palate, in the buccal area and in the auricle. In dogs, papillomas can be either single or multiple.

Symptoms of papillomatosis in dogs

At the initial stage of the disease, smooth papules of light pink color are formed. They later develop into warts in dogs.

If the disease is started, the developedPapillomas can cover the entire oral cavity. The disease has a fairly long incubation period, which ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. However, sometimes papillomas can disappear on their own within 6-12 weeks. But you should not wait for this.

Treatment of warts in dogs

Treatment of warts in dogsFirst of all, when a dog is infected with papillomatosis, it is necessary to minimize contact with people, since the disease can be transmitted to a person.

  • Treatment largely depends on the nature of the papillomas. For example, if the first of the appeared papillomas passes independently, then the others disappear. If the papillomas do not disappear - it is necessary to apply to a 24-hour veterinary clinic.
  • It may be proposed to remove the papilloma surgically. Also, warts in dogs are treated with the use of drug therapy and folk remedies. However, the method of treatment should be selected by the veterinarian after inspection of the animal.
  • Medically, the dog is treated with injectionsSolution of novocaine. Intramuscularly, 1 ml is administered per kg of animal weight, with an interval between injections of 3 days. Sometimes, under the papilloma base, injections of 0.5% solution of novocaine can be prescribed 2-3 times at intervals of two to three days.
  • You can reduce warts in dogs with dry ice. It is applied to the wart 2-3 times a day for several minutes. It is noticed that in 3-4 days the papilloma descends.
  • There are also numerous methods of removing papillomas folk remedies, including for dogs. For example, at an early stage, the papules can be lubricated with fresh dandelion juice.
  • When the warts are already visible, then at the stage of theirIt is recommended to lubricate them with celandine juice. When after this the surface of the papilloma turns black, it needs to be cut off gently. And so repeat the procedure until the wart is completely destroyed by the dog.
  • Also in the initial stages of papilloma in dogsSmeared with iodine and tied with linen thread. Within 5-7 days, she must fall away. True, this procedure is difficult to carry out when the warts appear in the oral cavity.
  • More papillomas in dogs are rubbed with garlic, or before they drip acetic acid on them.

However, it is worth considering that before using folk remedies it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

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