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Dog body temperature: in puppies, small and large breeds

The body temperature of the dog is an important indicator of the animal's well-being. Normally, dogs usually have a slightly higher temperature than humans. On average, it is 37.5 - 38.5 degrees.

A healthy puppy usually has a slightly higher temperature- up to 39 degrees. However, there are more subtle nuances, which, in particular, are determined by age, size, body weight and even breed. As a result, the normal temperature may vary slightly.

Thus, the most "hot" are the puppies of dogsSmall rocks (up to 39.3 degrees). The older and larger the dog, the lower its temperature. And in adult dogs of large breeds the norm is in the range of 37.4-38.3 degrees.

A short-term temperature increase in a dog can occur after physical exertion, from fear or excitement, in bitches during heat and, of course, in hot weather.

Signs of fever in the dog

Increase or decrease in body temperature in a dog is a sign of the disease.

The reason for measuring the temperature should beSuch signs of ill health as a refusal of food for more than a day, general lethargy, dry hot nose, pale tongue and gum. Moreover, with such symptoms as vomiting in the dog, diarrhea, convulsions.

The temperature can deviate from the norm at the mostDifferent diseases. For example, it increases with a thermal shock, endometritis (in bitches), plague, pyroplasmosis in dogs and other diseases. Lowering the temperature can occur with helminthic invasion, parvovirus enteritis in young dogs and puppies and other diseases.

Also, the reasons for the increase in temperature may be:

  • Eruption of molars in the puppy at the age of 3 to 9 months;
  • graft;
  • Stress, which is also called the fever of shar pei;
  • Wound, or rather an abscess after neglected skin lesions;
  • Inflammation of the joints;
  • allergy;
  • Infection.

When to monitor the temperature of the dog's body

Measuring temperature in a dogA healthy dog ​​needs to measure body temperatureDuring pregnancy, and before and after childbirth. The fact is that in a pregnant bitch, a sharp drop in temperature, as a rule, indicates that labor will begin in a few hours.

It is also necessary to measure the temperature before and after vaccination. According to a certain schedule, the temperature is measured by pedigree puppies, beginning with birth.

If the dog is sick, then it is worthwhile to keep a temperature map, recording the results of the morning and evening measurements.

How does the dog measure the temperature?

You can use the usual medicalthermometer. Mercury, of course, is cheaper, but it will have to wait for 5 minutes, keeping the pet in a calm position. With an electronic thermometer, the measurement will take no more than a minute. It is better for the dog to allocate a separate thermometer.

The procedure is not difficult, but requires careful handling of the dog. The temperature is measured through the rectum.

  • First, the thermometer must be zeroed and the endpoint should be lubricated with petroleum jelly.
  • The dog is laid on its side and, gently lifting the tail at the base, slowly enter the thermometer into the anal opening for 1.5 - 2 cm.
  • The temperature should be measured in a calm environment, to avoid fear or excitement, because of which the dog can jump, injure themselves or break a thermometer. A dog can be encouraged by goodies.
  • To praise it is necessary and during the procedure and after.

What should I do if the dog is not normal?

Because the temperature is just a symptomSome disease, and therefore a clear statement of the diagnosis is necessary. Here you can not do without resorting to a veterinarian. Otherwise, the situation can only worsen and valuable time will be lost.

If the reason for the high temperature is exactlyIs teething, grafting, stress, abscess, then it can be lowered with the help of a triple. It is a mixture of no-shp, analgin and dimedrol (or suprastin) in a ratio of 1: 2: 1 (or 0.5). All this is typed into a single syringe and injected into the muscle.

If the cause of a rise or a severe drop in temperature is not clear, urgent veterinary care is needed.

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