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The dog's eyes are festering

Discharge from the eyes is not uncommon in dogs. But this is not the norm, but one of the most common symptoms of various diseases in animals. Allocations are divided into two types: mucous and purulent.

Purulent discharge is more dangerous and may indicate both ocular and systemic diseases.

What to do if it is noticed that the dog's eyes are festering?

First you need to accurately determine the nature of the secretionsFrom the eyes of a dog. Mucous discharges are oxidized tears, which acquire a gray or slightly reddish hue. In this case, even a rule is a small amount of mucous secretion. If they are plentiful, it can mean that the eyes are annoyed with something. For example, ingress of dust or foreign objects.

Also mucosal discharge may indicate inflammation of the eyelids, conjunctivitis or glaucoma. All these problems are treated fairly quickly and easily with the timely access to a specialist.

Why does the dog's eyes fester?

Purulent discharge from the eyes have a greenish or yellowish color and more often speak of inflammatory diseases of the eyes. It can be diseases of the cornea, eyelids, conjunctiva, eye trauma or their complications.

Injuries of the eye are very insidious, since manifestInfection can not immediately, but in a week or even a month. And not cured in time, the infection can lead to the development of intraocular inflammation, as well as loss of vision and even the eye.

Isolation of pus from the eyes can also be one of theSigns of systemic diseases, for example, canine plague. Therefore, with such signs it is impossible to postpone the visit to the vet for a day, the dog needs a diagnosis.

First aid to a dog whose eyes are festering

Before a visit to a specialist, a dog can be given first aid.

  • First, it is very cautious to wash the eyes of the animal with a decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula or furatsilina solution (a furacilin tablet on a glass of warm boiled water).
  • Flushing, you need to moisten abundantly in the decoction or solution of the cotton pad and gently hold it from the outer corner of the eye to the inside.
  • You can not use the same disc for both eyes - for each one you need to take a new one. After rubbing the eye three to four times, it must be gently dried with a soft cloth.
  • In the house there should always be 1% eye tetracycline ointment, which must be applied to the eyelids.
  • The lower eyelid of the dog should be slightly pulled, apply ointment, close the eye and very easy to massage.
  • After this, you do not need to give the dog rubbing with the paw of the eye. It is better to hold it a little, stroking and soothing.

These measures will only slightly ease the condition of the pet, but the main problem will not be eliminated. Therefore, in any case, do not avoid a visit to the vet.

Only the doctor will take all the necessary tests and, depending on the diagnosis, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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