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Additives for dogs: mineral, food

The quality of feed is essential forHealth of the dog and its vigor. And in the feeds of super-premium class or holistic type, the content of all necessary substances, minerals and vitamins is balanced. However, not every dog ​​breeder will find the opportunity to feed his dog with such not cheap food.

And with natural feeding, additional supplements for dogs are needed. What can we say about certain periods of lifeAn animal when its body needs certain substances. This is due to the activity of the lifestyle, the place of residence, the age, the health of the animal, the period of pregnancy and lactation in the dog, and other factors.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs

Additives in the form of vitamins are called to saturateThe organism of the dog is the maximum required for the health and full development of the elements. They help make the coat silky and shiny, and bones strong. Especially the dog's body needs vitamin support in the off-season, during illness, at moments of growth. The most important for the body of the dog are vitamins A and D.

Vitamin and minerals additives for dogs

Vitamin A is primarily necessary for puppies and youngDogs. It increases resistance to infections, regulates the function of lacrimal and salivary glands, supports vision, and kidney function. With its lack, the dog's immunity decreases, skin changes change, and mucosal keratinization develops.

Vitamin D plays an important role during growthdogs. This is a natural anti-cancer remedy that helps to properly develop the skeleton. Puppy in the first months of life should receive about 500 IU of vitamin D daily.

B vitamins are needed to ensure the exchangeSubstances and improving the quality of wool. Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue and promotes the absorption of calcium. Vitamin E supports the heart, affects the hormonal balance and the breakdown of fats.

Of the minerals, the dog needs balanced doses of sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

It is best to pick up a dogVitamin-mineral complex, which will include several substances that optimally fit the animal in this period of his life. Such complexes are better to select with the help of a veterinarian. (Read more about the vitamins for dogs here)

Food additives for dogs

By such additives are meant substances that are kneaded in food or additionally given to the dog not in the form of tablets, but as a natural product.

A nutritional supplement, for example, is bone meal, as a source of balanced phosphorus and calcium, which is especially recommended for puppies.

Modern food additives are BAs an additive, amino acids L-carnitine and taurine can be introduced, which contribute to the full digestion of food, iodine-rich dried seaweed, which normalize metabolic processes, proteins, yeast, vegetable proteins, medicinal herbs.

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