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Electric dog collar, electric collar, buy, price, customer reviews

Electro collar - a means for dog training,That is, the development of the necessary reflexes. This training tool allows you to control the dog at a distance and is often used for sports training, where the dog should show his achievements not next to the owner.

In the people, an electric dog collar is called a "shocker", since the training of an animal occurs with the help of electric discharge. This collar with the help of an electric pulseInfluences the dog, forcing her to obey commands. Some models of collars additionally have a tone signal and vibration influence. However, this is a more humane means than a hammer or a strict collar, because the dog does not feel pain, but simply unpleasant scratching.

Types of Electro Collars for Dogs

There are collars with two receivers. With their help, stimulation is distributed over a larger area. That is, if with standard collar design a cunning dog can learn to evade one annoying place by bending his neck, then it is impossible to do this in a collar with two receivers.

Also there are electric dog collars, which allow you to track the location of the animal and through the Internet or GPS inform the owner about it.

Also, with the help of such a collar, you can simplyChange the point of impact on the animal without changing the collar, simply switching from one receiver to another. So for one exercise it may be necessary for the receiver to be under the throat, and for the other - from above.

The principle of the electronic dog collar for training dogs

Electric collar for training dogsThe principle of working out commands with the help ofThe electric collar consists in mastering the dog's rule: once the command is executed, the unpleasant sensations immediately disappear. Once the dog understands this rule, all of her training will go easy, and she will try to execute any team as quickly as possible.

However, you can not just keep holding the buttonStimulation, you can achieve the opposite effect: the dog will cease to understand what they want from her, and will not be sure of the correctness of the actions. The effect must be clearly measured both in time and in strength at different points in the training process.

Household electric collar for behavior correctionCan be used by any owner of the dog. This does not require special knowledge. It is important that the owner understands the basics of training or took a few lessons from professionals.

Reviews for electric dog collars for dog training

Review 1

I first encountered the needUse an electric collar two years ago. Too strong the dog of the setter-gordon was caught. And I did not have enough to manage the dog's own physical data. Even at the stage of growing a puppy it was clear that in the field the dog would work "on itself".

I realized that in dealing with an electric collar it is important to make the dog not so much hurt as suddenly punished. But for a short time. Then the dog does not have time to get scared, but reacts clearly and correctly.

And I came to the conclusion that the earlier and more often such a collar will be used to train a dog, the more fruitful the work will be.

Svetlana, Moscow

Review 2

I had a problem with the obedient, butFrightened by a dog. Many bitches are so delicate nervous organization and mine was just one of those. Almost every team began to tremble, all was afraid that something would not do so. Here elektroosheiknik just helped gently, but regularly and clearly show her where exactly she does it wrong. And he did not scare my dog.

It is important here not to let go of the dog away from you, at least while you are teaching it. She must clearly understand that her not "unknown force" is pinching her wit, namely her beloved master.

And then the electric collar for dogs plays a more humane role for a shy animal, than a formidable voice or jerking of a stranglehold.

Irina, St. Petersburg

Where can I buy?

Currently, the electric collar can be bought,As in specialized shops for animals, and on various Internet sites where the accessories for dogs are presented. The price varies from 4000-5000 rubles for budget options and up to 10 000-14 000 rubles for the products of famous world brands with a huge selection of different functions.

To you choose the optimal model and notOverpay for those options that you probably never will use, call a specialized company and explain to the salesman the consultant what characteristics of the electric collar you need in the first place.

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