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Electronic collar antilay, where to buy, reviews

Electronic antilay collars are designed to wean the dog to bark. This is especially true for dogs that bark and howl, they are left alone at home, than seriously annoy neighbors.

The main characteristics of the electronic collar antilay

  • This is a compact collar weighing up to 100 grams. It works on batteries or battery, which is charged from the network and suitable for all dogs, regardless of the breed, size and conditions of detention.
  • The electric collar reacts to the vibration of the vocal cords of the dog, and there are also more sensitive, reacting also to howling and whining.
  • The principle of its operation is that whenThe dog barks, it creates a vibration and the collar in response to the minimum level begins to affect the dog. If the dog does not calm down, then the level of exposure increases automatically. And it continues to rise until the dog stops barking. After termination, the collar removes the effect.
  • There are so-called "self-learning collars". They automatically select the levels of impact that will be optimal for a particular dog. It must be very tightly put on very high under the jaw. In this case, the receiver of the collar should fall exactly on the middle of the neck.

The principle of using the antilay collar, important recommendations

Antilai collar, reviews

To the dog has learned how to bark the most"Painless" for her way, it is worth preparing for wearing a special collar. To do this, you need to wear an antilay collar together with a conventional collar and, leading the dog out onto the street, provoke it on the bark - that is, find the objects that dogs usually call barking.

At low levels of exposure, the dog does not initiallyWill react. During barking she is excited, and therefore the threshold of her sensitivity is lowered. Most likely the dog will react to a strong level of exposure. She might get scared, try to escape, or shy away from her master. The master's task is to attract the dog with a leash to himself and praise-to calm her when she is silent. For example, say "okay, quieter".

This procedure should be repeated untilThe dog does not realize that barking causes unpleasant sensations in it. After this, the dog can be left alone in the collar. Even if she wants to bark, she will quickly come to her senses, feeling the first slight impact of the collar.

The antilay collar can not be left on the dog for long. Remove it in 8-12 hours and arrange itbreak. This collar is absolutely harmless for animals and other animals that are in the same room. Just do not leave a dog in a metal collar in parallel.

Reviews of antilay collar

Review 1

Quite an effective piece. We had problems with our neighbors. Our Bax (Jack Russell Terrier) tortured them with his constant barking. Smart people advised us to use the antilay collar to solve the problem. Bought a piece of the company Petsafe. It has 6 zones of sensitivity. The dog quickly realized the pattern of barking with a weak but unpleasant signal from the collar. Thanks to the collar, Antilai managed to solve a very unpleasant problem for us.

Igor, Moscow

Review 2

To be honest, in our case, the antilay collar,Also the manufacturer Petsafe, did not render any help. Perhaps it is worth trying the products of another brand. Recommended to use the goods of Innotech. We will try.

Elizabeth, Yekaterinburg

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