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Mowing claws in dogs

Dogs who regularly run on a hard surface will not normally need additional claw care. During running they are sewn up to normal length.

However, there are not many such dogs and mostly ourPets walking on the lawn grass or at all on the hands of the owners, as representatives of decorative rocks. The claws of such dogs grow too long and must be cut.

Why is it necessary to shear claws in dogs?

Some breeds have rudimentary clawsOn the fifth finger. They do not touch the ground at all and do not grind off, and therefore require special attention. They in the process of growth can be rounded and, as a result, pierce the cushion, which will cause the dog pain and even limp.

Also, too long claws can break off, causing profuse bleeding and pain.

If the dog moves around the house not quietly, but clicks, like a horse, this is a sign that it is time for her to cut the claws.

To cut them, it is better to use a specialTool - "claws" or trimmer. There are two types of claws: guillotine and with sickle-shaped blades. The first are designed for small dogs, and the second type is for thick and durable claws of large dogs. After trimming claws, they must be sharpened with a nail file.

Grooming the claws of dogs with their own hands

Claws shear dog groomers at the same timeHaircut or separately at the request of the owner. Although it is quite possible and at home. Here it is important only to correctly recognize where the excess claw is, and where its important component.

The problem is that the claws of the dog inside are not hollow. And if too much claw is cut off, you can damage living tissues and cause blood poisoning.

In addition, the dog can be frightened of the instrument itself and the process of cutting the claws and at the sight of a person with a coagulum getting into hysterics.

Cutting the claws in dogs at home

  • In order to prune at homeDog claws yourself, you need to find a high-quality trimmer. The dog should be well fixed, so that at an unnecessary moment it can not pull the paw.
  • Taking a paw in hand, you need to press on the pads of your fingers to make the claws elongate. The boundary of the sensitive area on light and clean claws is easy to determine - by its pink color.
  • Claws need to be cut to this border at an angle of 45 degrees, with the tip of the cutter looking at the tip of the claw.
  • If the dog's claws are dark, then they need to be cutGradually, in layers, until a black dot appears in the center of the section. This is the beginning of the border before which it is necessary to stop. It is always better to reach this point, since with each hairstyle the sensitive area will go deeper into the claw, allowing each time to cut off the claw shorter.

If as a result of a haircut on the claws there are chips, the claw needs to be ground with a nail file.

  • If the dog tolerates the procedure patiently, it is possible to process all four legs simultaneously. If she is afraid, then you can take a break.
  • If the sensitive area is accidentally cut, then it is better to use a hemostatic powder.
  • Claws are better to cut a little, but regularly, for example, weekly.
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