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Sarcapatosis in dogs (pruritic scabies): symptoms and treatment

Sarcoptosis in dogs or the second name zudnevaya scabies causes the zoster mite Sarcoptes canis. These are intradermal parasites, whose females make passages under the epidermal layer and lay eggs there.

One female is able to lay 40-60 eggs. After 15-19 days of them new ticks develop. Once outside the epidermis, it does not reproduce, but can live for another 13 days.

Symptoms of sarcoptic disease in dogs

The defeat with sarcoptosis begins with a headAnimal. On the brow arches, the back of the nose and the dog's ears, small nodules appear that turn into itchy bubbles filled with liquid. The dog experiences itching and itches intensely. On the spot of the blisters quickly appear raschesy, scabs and crusts are formed. Wool is stuck together, and in the places of strong combing it drops out altogether, and wounds and bleeding scratches appear on the skin. Atypical flow is characterized by an abundance of dandruff.

To make an accurate diagnosis, the animal must be shown to the veterinarian who will take scrapings in the skin lesions.

Treatment of sarcoptic disease in dogs, medications

Treatment of sarcoptic disease in dogs

  • First of all, the dog must be isolated from healthy animals, as well as from humans. In humans, contact with a sick animal can cause an allergic reaction - pseudoraportosis.
  • The dog needs to be washed with keratolytic shampoo inWarm water. And wool in the affected places to cut. To prevent the spread of the parasite throughout the epidermis, the dog is bathed in aqueous emulsions of acaricides. If there are no conditions for bathing - use drugs in aerosol cans.
  • Sarcomptosis is well treated: 5% aqueous emulsion of soap K; 0.5% aqueous emulsions of carbophos, dicresyl, chudrin and foxime (sebacil); Hexachlorane emulsions with gamma isomer content (0.04-0.05%); 0.15% aqueous emulsion of diazinon (neotsvdol).
  • Synthetic pyrethroids (permethrin, stomozan, ectomine, anametrin, barricade, butox, baytikol, etc.) are effective.

If the form of the disease is generalized, that isParasites have spread over a large area of ​​the body of the animal, then hypodermic injections of 1% ivomek solution and saifli preparation (cithioate) are used. However, these drugs are prohibited for dogs of breeds of Bobtail, Collie, Shar Pei.

Effective external skin treatment with drugsDecks and demos with an interval of 3-4 days. They include sulfur, which contributes to the restoration of the dog's coat. However, these ointments can cause poisoning of the animal during licking, so when applied to the dog it is necessary to put on a muzzle that will prevent licking the wool.

In parallel with the treatment of sarcoptic disease in dogs, thorough disinfection and cleaning of rooms, booths and cells by spraying with a 2% solution of chlorophos or scalding with boiling water is necessary. The litter of the animal is washed in a soap solution and treated with acaricides.

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