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Running with a dog is the best way to lose weight

You decided to get in shape and go outJogging, but for this you need a company? A dog can become an ideal partner for sports - just choose an active four-legged friend!

When a dog is better than a man

The dog will never miss a run, inventingExcuses like: "not slept well", "laziness", "migraine tormented" or "no mood". He is ready to engage in the rain, and a blizzard, and even in the heat. And the dog will not persuade you to cut a circle in the stadium or reduce the time of classes, but on the contrary - will inspire an increase in the speed of movement and lengthening the distance

The pet will run as long as you need, andAdjust to your pace. And most importantly - with such a company you will not be afraid to run through the squares or in the woods: no burglar or maniac will venture to attack a runner with such an escort.

Meet - Energizers!

Girl running with a dog

Those who lead an active lifestyle, ideallySuitable mobile and cheerful dogs. Such a movement is in the blood. The most active breeds - Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador, Border Collie, Dalmatian, Boxer, Bassenji ...

And for German Shepherds, Rottweilers,Risenschnauts, dogs and Doberman pinschers have at all entrenched the title - "sporting", because it is these dogs who, more often than others, become participants in cynological competitions. These dogs are not indifferent to long runs and do not have any medical contraindications that would not allow them to take on heavy physical activities.

At the same time, it is unlikely that you will be able to getLong run around the philosophers of the Chow, the St. Bernards and, especially, the true aristocrats - English Bulldogs. And for dogs of dwarfish breeds, active exercises are generally dangerous.

However, please note: The energy of animal envy not only from the breed, but also from its temperament, therefore it is quite possible that a representative of the active breed will not justify your hopes, but, seemingly balanced and judicious by nature, the dog, on the contrary, will surprise with his love for the sport.

However, this is more an exception than the rule. Therefore, if you decide to get yourself a "companion" for jogging, hiking or cycling, it's best to choose a dog from the list of "energy-savers"

  • Jack scattered the terriers
  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • Airedale Terriers
  • Reesenschnauzer
  • Black Terriers
  • Collie (Border and Aussie)
  • Great Dane
  • Dobermans
  • Boxers
  • Kurzhaars
  • Labradors
  • Fox Terriers
  • Welsh
  • Lakelands
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Dalmatians
  • Tulveres

First step

Your puppy will not be able to accompany you on jogging until he has all the bones formed. Give the animal to grow: at the age of 12-18 months it will be ready for regular races.

Proceed to classes gradually: Start with walks and every day increase the distance. If you run right away, just hurt yourself and your pet. After a week of walking footsteps, proceed to a 15-minute run. The next day, try to run for 20 minutes, then for 25. But more than 30-40 minutes of non-stop running by doctors and coaches is not recommended - it is harmful not only for the dog, but also for your heart. In addition, constantly and carefully monitor the condition of the animal.

The dog should be on a leash: So it will be easier for you to control her behavior, which during the lessons can be unpredictable: most active breeds are hunting, so they have a strong chase instinct. On a leash the dog will be difficult to start after other sportsmen or quick-headed animals, which she will notice on the court, in the park, in the forest. And the dog will not stop to mark the territory - and to knock you off the rhythm.

With the help of a leash you can regulate andSpeed ​​of movement of your sports duo. Thus you will avoid dangerous situations: the dog will not exactly break out ahead, fall under the car, get involved in a fight and not be lost. However, the collar should not impede the breathing of the animal!

Before jogging, the dog needs to manage the need, but it should not be fed and watered: a full stomach will cause inconvenience during the session.

Running with a dog

In hot weather, you need to bring water and a bowl to the dog so that it can refresh.

Precautionary measures

All dogs need movement, otherwise soonTime they will begin to have health problems: loose ligaments, aching paws, lose flexibility joints, etc. This is especially necessary for hunting breeds, because they were created for the chase.

If the walks are not active, vigorousQuadrupeds will make up for the lack of movement, running around the house and destroying everything in their path. That is why regular classes will save your home from destruction, keep your pet's health and save you from extra pounds.

But try not to overload the pet:

Energizers also sometimes get tired. Dogs are too devoted beings, so while you run, they will follow you. In most cases, the dog will continue to move, even if he gets sucked, because he will not leave his master for anything.

Understand that the dog is tired, you can on a heavyBreathing, drooping tail and pressed ears. Remember the "recharging": the dog is subjected to serious physical stress, and therefore should eat accordingly.

What gives a run with a dog?

Many owners, practicing morning jogging with pets, note that this not only helps to maintain the form, but also invigorates better than the most sturdy coffee. And, regular jogging with the dog - this is the best way to lose weight! At first, the early rise will be difficult, but in time, from such jogs, you will begin to receive real pleasure.

Sometimes it seems that owners of active dogsIt is not easy, but they argue the opposite: it's better to run an extra half an hour with a pet than sitting at a computer or watching TV. And some even notice that during such walks they come up with interesting ideas and answers to many questions that previously did not give rest. And yet they all unanimously declare that with the advent of the dog stopped to think about diets: walks burn an incredible amount of calories.

Thus, an active dog is a great incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle. Movement, fresh air and a moderate load on the muscles - all this will give you an energetic dog.

Celebrities have long realized that a moving dog -The best running coach. And keter Jake Gyllenhaal regularly runs with her German shepherd Atticus. Star of the "Twilight Saga" Kellan Lutz runs every morning with his four-legged friend Cola, Mestizo pitbula and mongrel. Singer Adele, prone to fatness, struggles with excess weight on jogging with her courtesy Louis. Even American President Barack Obama often runs around the lawn with his dog Bo.

A dog or a simulator?

If the idea of ​​doing sports is only a minuteImpulse, and you are not sure that you can lead an active life permanently, it is better to buy a simulator, rather than a pet. After all, if you get a moving dog, you have to run at least 12 years - this is the average life span of the animal. Remember: after neglecting training, you will make the dog unhappy and harm her health. But if you are firm in your decision, the four-legged athlete will be the surest companion on your way to perfection.

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