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Odedectosis in dogs: symptoms, treatment, medications

With otodecosis in dogs or an ear miteAbout half of pet owners are facing. Its causative agent is the tick Otodectes cynotis, which parasitizes in the auricle of the animal. This is a tiny insect (0.3-0.5 mm) with a gnawing proboscis and suckers on the legs.

Predominantly odotectosis occurs among puppies aged 1.5 to 6 months, regardless of season.

Symptoms of otodectosis in dogs

  • The first symptom is that the dogBecomes restless. She tries to rub her ears about different objects, shakes her head, tries to scratch her ears with her paws, while traumatizing the auricle to the blood. As a result, scratches, abrasions, suppuration appear in the ears.
  • When examining the ear, it is seen that the auditory canal is hammeredCrusts of dried out exudate. If the disease is complicated, then the inflammatory process extends to the inner and middle ear and then to the meninges.
  • The dog looks depressed, with it there are nervous attacks, the body temperature rises, the animal refuses food, tilts the head towards the sick ear.

A dog needs to be shown to the veterinarian to clarify the diagnosis. For this the doctor takes a scraping from the inner surface of the auricle.

Treatment of otodectosis in dogsTreatment of otodecosis in dogs, medications

  • First, it is necessary to clean the auricle of crusts, scales and exudate.
  • After that, medication is prescribed. First of all, many acaricides are used to treat the auricle and canal. For example, the drug "Tzipam" destroys adult forms of tick after triple treatment with an interval of 5-7 days.
  • The drops are heated to body temperature and with the help ofA syringe equipped with a rubber tube of 1-1.5 mm in diameter is inserted into the external ear canal. The auricle is carefully massaged to distribute the drug evenly. Also the auricle is carefully processed and outside.
  • Liniments and ointments are applied with a tampon, carefully covering both the outer and inner surfaces of the auricles.

Also there are special powders, which are poured intoThe auricle, and then it is massaged. In use, they are quite convenient in aerosol packages based on alphametrin. Often, recently injections of ivermectins are used.

The drug of the Deca is popular among dog breeders. It includes a synergized acaricide, which kills mites, as well as wax and propolis. They contribute to the suppression of inflammatory processes.

If there are several animals (dogs and cats) in the house, then all should be treated with drugs from ticks, since they are probably all affected by ear scabies.

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