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Pregnancy in dogs: how long it lasts, signs, symptoms, by days

Pregnancy of a dog Is the period of development of a fertilized eggIn the future puppy, until the time of his birth. For the animal organism, this is always stress and during this period chronic diseases can become aggravated or new health problems may arise.

The load on the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys increases.

How long does pregnancy take in dogs?

Normal pregnancy in dogs lasts 60-62 days. However, viable puppies can be born earlier - from 58 days, or later this period - up to 72 days. This may be due to the individual characteristics of the bitch's body.

The cause of preterm birth before day 58 canBe a trauma, a hidden disease, a poor readiness of a bitch for pregnancy: exhaustion, excessive obesity, too young or too old an organism.

If the bitch did not give birth on her own until 72 days, she would need urgent help (caesarean section).

Pregnancy of dogs by the day: signs and symptoms

Pregnancy of dogs by days

How to determine the pregnancy in a dog? Signs of pregnancy depend on the period. So until the third week, almost no changes are noticeable, except, perhaps, drowsiness and apathy.

  • By the 25-30 day in the area of ​​the mammary glands the skin swells and the glands themselves become clearly visible or pink in dogs with fair skin. In the area behind the ribs, the abdominal enlargement may be noticeable.
  • Using ultrasound, pregnancy is diagnosed from the 21st to the 24th day. It is already possible on the screen of an ultrasound device to see amniotic bladders with embryos.
  • Obvious signs of pregnancy are afterThe 29th day. Mammary glands increase greatly, and for 7-10 days before childbirth the experienced mothers have milk. Only a dog with the first pregnancy can produce milk during childbirth or a few hours before them.
  • From the 33rd day the weight of the future mother begins to increase sharply.
  • At the 6-7th week of pregnancy (between 38-45 days)In the uterus, individual fetuses are probed, the ribs and bones of the skull of embryos differ. During this period, using the X-ray, you can accurately determine the number of puppies. This is especially important with a large litter.

The first pregnancy

This is an especially difficult test for a young dog. The first pregnancy lasts longer than the subsequent ones, and it is more difficult to proceed.

The owner of a young bitch should not hope for"Nature", since domesticated animals are no longer the same as natural conditions. And in the forest, not all survive, but only the most healthy and strong.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan the first pregnancy for three to four months.

During this time the animal should have well developed muscles, excess fat is folded, the ration carefully selected, all vaccinations are made and fleas and worms are destroyed in time.

After the first delivery the dog can behaveToo restless: jump up, run around the room or aviary, as if "do not know" what to do with the puppies. The owner should not worry, after 7-10 days it will pass. You need to put the dog to the puppies and make sure that it does not accidentally injure the kids.

Anxiety of the dog that gave birth for the first time is often due to the fact that she has a lot of milk, and too little puppies can not suck it all out. When they get stronger the dog will calm down.

False Pregnancy in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

It is a syndrome of physiological and mental disorders in the female body, which are caused by abnormalities in the activity of the sexual glands.

By external signs, a false pregnancy is very similar to normal: the pigmentation of the mammary glands changes, the abdomen grows, colostrum appears. However, in fact, there is no pregnancy.

The only indication that an inexperienced dog breeder can distinguish a false pregnancy is the absence of a stirring of the fruit in the dog's stomach. Experiencedkynologists also notice excessiveThe agony of a bitch. She seems to be going crazy. With special enthusiasm he builds himself a "nest", with particular care takes care of pseudo-puppies: soft toys, etc.

On the street, she is reluctant, and on return immediately rushes to take care of her "puppies".

With such manifestations of maternityContact the veterinarian. However, the host can accelerate the termination of the imaginary pregnancy. To do this, you can not express milk from the mammary glands, you need to exclude dairy products from the diet, more often distract the bitch from her "mother's worries," and give sedatives.How long does pregnancy take in dogs?

More details about this can be found in the article: False puppies in dogs.

Interruption of pregnancy in a dog

As for the consequences of an unplanned matingAnd the possibility of abortion, the veterinarians in this matter are divided into two camps. Some believe that it is better to get rid of unnecessary puppies, others that for a bitch a more healthy process is childbirth, not abortion.

For interruption, Mesalin is used. This is an estrogenic drug or a steroid hormone with an active substance - estradiol benzoate. It is administered intramuscularly on the 3rd and the 5th day after the mating, and if the time of knitting is unknown, then also on the 7th day.

Contraindications of this drug are not establishedOfficially, but it was noticed for a long time that after its application it is possible inflammation of the uterus, bleeding, frozen pregnancies, lengthening the duration of estrus, various hormonal failures.

Therefore, many veterinarians advise all the same to give birth to a dog, and put the puppies in good hands.

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