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Dog's cone: under the skin, on the paw, nose, neck, withers

Many dog ​​breeders encountered such a phenomenon as bumps on the animal's body. They appear under the skin or on it in a variety of places: on the back, nose, neck, muzzle, paw, withers, etc.

Their nature can also be very different, fromCompletely innocuous to serious tumors. Some do not go through treatment without treatment for several days, but if this does not happen, the animal must be shown to the vet. This will help in time to diagnose and cure serious diseases.

Types of cones in dogs

  1. Cones in dogs, treatmentAbscess. Its cause is a bacterial infection. It can occur at the site of a stab wound or bite and causes swelling of the subcutaneous layer. When an abscess in a dog raises the temperature, she feels pain. The swelling develops for several days, possibly suppuration.
  2. Warts and papillomas Often occur in smooth-haired dogs. The reason for their occurrence is not established, but among them there is the result of getting a viral infection. It looks like a dark color on the body of a dog. They are painless and the dog does not respond to touch, but a vet should be visited.
  3. Hematoma Most often occurs on the dog's ears. Such cones appear after the operation with the formation of excess fluid or with damage to the blood vessels. This is a soft formation that changes the shape of the part of the body where it is located. As a rule, they are not painful, although it also happens on the contrary.
  4. Cyst Can appear in any part of the dog's body and itsAre more often detected by chance than by regular inspection of the animal. At once it is possible to notice a cyst in the dog between the fingers. These are painful blushing abscesses that the dog tries to lick. It is also easy to recognize the salivary gland cyst. With her, the animal's tongue hangs on one side because of the swelling. Tumors can form directly under the tongue or jaw joint.
  5. Pyoderma Is a disease of the reproductive glands in puppies, whichManifested at the age of four months. The baby has swelling on the head and near the eyes. Until now, the causes of the onset of this disease have not been determined exactly. Perhaps this is caused by hypersensitivity of organs, their rapid growth. These cones arise suddenly, can blush, fester, spread all over the body.
  6. Insect bites (Mites or bees) can cause painful swelling. Especially dangerous bites in the mouth or face.
  7. Tumors in dogs are of two types. If it grows slowly and does not multiply, then this is a benign entity that does not appear after removal. Whether cancerous cancers appear suddenly, grow rapidly and affect surrounding tissues. They can also bleed, breaking through the skin. Any colored cones and rapid growths on the surface of the animal's skin should be immediately shown to the veterinarian.

What should I do if I see a lump in a dog?

When an animal is found on the skin of an animal, itsCarefully inspect and touch. If the dog reacts painfully to palpation, then it should be immediately shown to the veterinarian. She may have an injury, bite or other rather dangerous damage.

If the dog does not hurt and the skin is in place of the sealDoes not change color, and it does not fester, then you can observe the animal for several days. Such a bump can self-resolve. If it starts to increase in size, it is necessary to immediately call the veterinarian.

Do not allow the animal to lick the damaged area, as this can cause even greater harm - a granuloma will appear.

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