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American Cocker Spanking: Photo, Video

American Cocker Spaniel is famous for its beautiful coat, but it needs good care, including regular haircut - at least 4 times a year.

However, prices for professional groomers for dogs often "bite". On average, the usual haircut of a Cocker will cost 2500 rubles, and preparation for an exhibition - up to 4000 rubles.

When to start a haircut cocker spaniel?

Breeders must shear the puppies even beforeActivation at the age of 1.5-2 months. So they demonstrate that under the abundant hair there are no hidden defects in the structure of the head. Next, in the first six months of the puppy you need to cut it as often as possible. This is necessary in order to accustom the dog to treat this procedure quietly.

Full Grooming American Cocker SpanielIs held every 2.5-3 months, but every 2-3 weeks the owner must perform a hygienic haircut. To do this, you need to clip the hair around the ear canal so that the dog does not comb its ears. For hygiene purposes, the hair is cut around the anus and on the lower part of the tail. Carefully cut the hair around the pads of the paws and between the fingers, so that the wool does not touch the ground when walking.

Full haircut American cocker spaniel own hands

A daily (not exhibition) haircut can be done with your own hands.

  • The haircut begins with washing the dog and drying with a hairdryer. Dry the coat against the wool - from the bottom up, pulling the hair off with a brush.
  • After drying, the hair is combed by a frequent comb.
  • You can start the haircut from the ears, turning to the top of the head.
  • Shorn hair should be removed immediately with a massage brush.
  • After that, the hair is removed under both ears, on the cheeks and at the sides of the head.
  • Then you should move to the throat, moving against the wool from the bottom up.

Grooming should take the form of an inverted"U". Mowing muzzle requires an individual approach. To make it seem broader, you need to leave the coat on your lips to narrow your muzzle - you need to cut more. The length of the wool here can be adjusted with thinning scissors.

After this, you should proceed to processingThe transition from the forehead to the muzzle, starting from the lobe of the nose and moving against the coat. Under the eyes is cut in the shape of a crescent moon. The outfit removes excess hair on the eyebrows. Too long eyelashes are shortened to about 6 mm.

Further on the growth of wool is removed from the backSkull to the back of the neck and neck. The shoulders and neck are treated with filing. Also equal to the wool and on the sides. On the legs, the hair is sheared with straight scissors. The tail is trimmed first by the machine from the bottom of the tail against the coat.

The upper side is processed by thinning inWedge shape. If the coat is poor on the abdomen, it is better to cut it shorter. At the end of work, the dog should be inspected. It should look balanced and harmonious.


In order for you to understand the process of cutting, see this short video:

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