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The dog does not eat anything, falls ill or is listless. Why?

Dog owners know that there are periods whenThe dog does not eat anything, as if she is having a day off. But while it looks active and healthy. However, it happens that the dog refuses food not for the sake of unloading.

Why does not the dog eat anything? What are the reasons?

Lack of appetite or anorexia in a dog canCause a variety of reasons. For example, a painful sensation when eating food can cause broken teeth, gum infections and other dental diseases.

Decreased interest in food can provoke andEar infections. Chronic ear infections are almost always associated with an allergy to food or other environmental allergens. One of the main things that a dog does not eat is pain. To understand if the dog hurts something, you need to look closely at it.

The fact that the animal has something to hurt, will prompt:

  1. shiver,
  2. labored breathing,
  3. Hunched back,
  4. A decrease in physical activity,
  5. irritability,
  6. Too long a dream.

Often, loss of interest in food is due to the presence of gastric ulcers, nausea, which occurs against the background of kidney diseases due to excessive acidity.

Dog does not eat anything

Sometimes anorexia and nausea can occur withTaking certain medications as side effects. If the dog drinks some medicines and after that its appetite has worsened, it is worthwhile consulting the veterinarian to consult about the possibility of substituting for more sparing medicines.


If the dog is sluggish and does not eat anything for a long time, but it does not hurt anything, it is necessary to establish a diagnosis. To do this, you need to contact a 24-hour veterinary clinic and conduct a series of tests.

  • A general blood test will show the state of the body and trends.
  • X-rays can detect the presence of a tumor in dogs, signs of obstruction, an enlarged heart, and the like.
  • With the help of ultrasound, it is worth checking the adrenal glands and all internal organs.
  • The ACTH stimulation test will help check the animal for Addison's disease.
  • A veterinarian may recommend other tests, perhaps by noticing some symptoms or after studying her medical history.

In which cases, then that the dog does not eat anything - the norm

Often in a dog occur in life such periods when she does not want to eat. And this is normal. For example, in many females, the appetite decreases or disappears altogether during the estrus. Only if at the end of the cycle the dog does not normalize the appetite, it should be shown to the doctor.

  • Adult puppies of especially large breeds are often subject to fluctuations in the need for food. They can alternately feel that strong feeling of hunger, then a complete lack of interest in food.
  • Also puppies can refuse to eat due to teething. In such a situation, you need to give your baby something cold to chew and feed it with soft food.
  • Reducing the appetite of a dog can be caused by hot weather or the introduction of special vitamins for dogs and various mineral supplements.
  • There are also capricious dogs, which, for example, do not want to eat vegetables. They can refuse from the meaty gravy, having smelled the carrot spirit in it.
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