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A veterinarian for a dog or how to choose a good vet?

Certainly, the health of your pet should be in safe hands, so To search for a veterinarian for a dog you need to approach with proper responsibility. On what it is necessary to pay attention, choosing "good doctor aybolita", we will tell in this article.

We are looking for a veterinary clinic

The mistake of many hosts is that they start looking for a veterinarian only when their four-footed baby falls ill. In fact, you need to do this as soon as the pet appears at your home.

Remember: despite the state of health, every home beast must undergo an annual preventive examination and take tests. After all, the main medical principle also works in veterinary medicine: it is easier to prevent illness than to treat it.

  • To find a good clinic, study online forums where animal owners communicate: look for reviews on the clinics they liked and comments on the work of individual doctors.
  • When you choose, protection is very helpful: Consult with friends who have favorites, with neighbors, with the owners of animals on the street. This will help you reduce the list of establishments to a minimum. Then it is necessary to visit each clinic and talk with the veterinarians.
  • It does not matter whether it's private or public.
  • The main indicator is the availability of qualityLicensed equipment and laboratories. If such "blessings" are, the clinic should take note. Sitting in the queue under the doctor's office, do not waste time: communicate with visitors and try to find out from them whether they are satisfied with the work of the doctor.

How to choose a veterinary clinic?Talking with a veterinarian, what you need to pay attention to

We do not suggest that you burden the doctorObsessive questions. But to ask where he studied, how long he practiced, to observe how your pet reacts to him, stands: a good doctor finds an approach to any properly socialized animal.

Dogs as children: If something hurts them, they, as a rule, can not intelligibly explain or show what it is, that's the main difficulty of treating animals. The veterinarian must understand the signs of his patients. If you do not notice that there is a contact between the aibolite and the pet - look for another doctor.

  • Pay attention to the doctor's office, especially atWalls: usually professionals who have awards and certificates, hang their "trophies" in prominent places. Assess how clean the clinic is, whether you use sterile instruments and materials.
  • Remember: A highly qualified veterinarian will not risk diagnosing the animal until its assumption is confirmed by the results of the tests. If the veterinarian did not send a pet for a comprehensive examination, without it he identified a serious disease and prescribed treatment, it is worthwhile to be on the alert.

The pet should trust the doctor one hundred percent,And he, in turn, is obliged to study all the features of his patient well. Only in this case, the health, and hence the life of your pet will be in safe hands.

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