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Wedding Dogs, Animal Weddings

Your cute pet grew up and was brought up on yourEyes. You no longer imagine your life without him and fell in love as your own child ... But suddenly the "child is ripe" and began to really show interest in the opposite sex.

Loving "parents" allow their petTo experience the joy of love, and some of them even arrange a real wedding ceremony for the animals with guests, witnesses, a wedding cake, a dress coat and a wedding dress ...

Ah, this wedding, wedding, wedding sang and danced ...

If earlier the wedding at dogs caused an agiotage, now this is a common phenomenon. A lot of similar celebrations have been and continue to be organized in the world.

A real feast on the occasion of the weddingHis dog Lola arranged an Englishwoman Louise Harris - the wedding of the darling cost her $ 32,000. The idea to arrange a wedding for their pets was to the liking of many celebrities, who seldom stay away from fashion trends.

Pamela Anderson married her retriever dogsStara and the Chihuahua to Luke. TV anchors Anfisa Chekhova and Xenia Borodina also "became related": Anfisin Yorkshire Terrier Coffee became the husband of Strudie - the python of Xenia. And the singer Julia Nachalova arranged a wedding for her Pomeranian Spaniard Knopa. By the way, among the animals who have cemented their relations by marriage, dogs of dwarfish breeds are leading.

Wedding dogs photoSearch for a cousin

If the pet expresses sympathy for someSpecific animal, then his master will have to take on the role of "matchmaker" and talk with the owner of his beloved pet about the celebration. So were able to agree Chekhov and Borodin.

If the beast does not have a worthyCandidacy, then the owner can search for such on the Internet, as Louise Harris did: she arranged a real casting of potential suitors for her Lola in social networks. And she had to choose more than one hundred candidates!

If the Internet has not helped, you can apply to a special marriage agency for dogs.

Wedding chores

Many owners want to see how their pet inWedding attire slaps to the altar, then puts an imprint of his paw on the marriage contract, dances the first dance under the "Dog Waltz", and then, pleased, goes to taste the wedding liver pie and drink carrot juice. All this can be arranged by agencies specializing in weddings of domestic animals.

They are engaged in decorating the room, holding solemn and entertaining parts of the event, making up the menu, professional photo and video shooting.

Specificity of "dog" weddings suggests a special division of tables: after all, both people and animals act as guests, therefore, treats must be different.

Complexity is also a difficult temperamentHoneymooners: some of them have to train for more than a month, so that they did not break the ceremony and did not escape from the altar, tempted by the smell of fried chicken. The staging of the first dance of young people also takes a long time. But patience and work will all peretrut - and thanks to the efforts of resourceful organizers, all traditions are carefully observed.

Mustache, paws and tail - that's my document!

The only thing that has not yet achieved supporters of weddings for animals -

Animal Wedding

Official registration of marriages in the registry office. However, this does not mean that after pet pets are declared husband and wife, pets will not have obligations to each other.

Before registering the relationship, the owners of the animalsMust provide information on the health of pets and make a marriage contract, which will record such important points as the rearing of the offspring, the territory of residence and the requirements of both parties for the performance of marital duties.

The marriage certificate is newly marriedHowever, it is not a legal document. But this is not important, because for animals, no papers matter: if they like the chosen one or the chosen one, they do not care if they have a passport, a pedigree, a marriage certificate.

Pros and cons

Many opponents of such weddings are convinced thatSuch ceremonies - it is more a holiday for people than for their pets, for whom noisy celebrations become the last reason for stress. But an obedient pet is ready to fulfill all the whims of his master, because he sincerely loves him. And, of course, the animal will be happy to give a loved one an occasion for a holiday, whether it's a wedding, a birthday or a birthday party.

However, sometimes weddings of dogs are arranged inCharitable purposes. For example, in Britain, a marriage ceremony for two homeless greyhounds was held, which was to draw attention to the dog shelter Wood Green Animal.

For the same purpose, a dog's wedding was held inKrasnodar nursery. There at the same time registered their relationship as many as ten pairs. The guests who watched the ceremony were so touched that they sheltered all the newlyweds and one cat from among the "guests." So, thanks to the wedding more than two dozen homeless animals have found new owners. True, some "newlyweds" for this noble purpose had to be separated.

Wedding ceremony of French bulldogs Huang PuChu and Chang-hwa-Son in Taiwan were also organized to raise funds. At the party, about six hundred guests had fun, and each of them donated a considerable amount for the needs of disabled children.

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