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Ringworm in dogs: treatment, symptoms, photo

Many dog ​​breeders are familiar with the situation whenOn the body of the animal appears a stain without wool. This is the first sign of ringworm (trichophytosis) - an infectious disease, dangerous not only for dogs, but for humans.

Its causative agent in most cases areMicroscopic fungi of the Microsporum series. Often, you can not even understand where and when contacting someone the dog picked up this infection, because the incubation period of this disease is from 5 to 15 days. It is possible to infect a dog at any age by contact with sick animals or through common objects: comb, litter, etc.

Getting on the skin, fungi penetrate into the epidermis whenFavorable conditions: dry skin, damage, weak immunity and begin to expand, damaging hair bulbs. Fungus spores for several years remain viable in anticipation of favorable conditions.

Ringworm in dogsSymptoms, signs of hair loss in dogs

  • At first, a slightly noticeable rash appears on oneSkin area. Gradually, the lesion area increases, and a reddish crust appears on the skin. In places of defeat, wool begins to drop out, leaving the bald areas with clear boundaries. Sometimes pus flows from under the crust. Places of lesions itch, and the dog often itches.
  • To prevent the disease from starting, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the pet, comb and look closely at the skin.
  • Most often, ringworm settles on the head,Near the ears, on the lower part of the paws and at the base of the tail. It can appear on open areas of the skin (on the muzzle or stomach) and manifests itself in the form of pink scaly spots, along the perimeter of which the skin is more inflamed.

Lishay in dogs is not uncommon and, at times, it can not cause disease, having adapted to its owner. But in this case, the dog is a carrier and can infect not only other animals, but also humans.

Treatment of hair loss in dogs, prevention

More recently, ringworm has been incurable and often The dog was simply euthanized</a>. Now this disease is easily treated.

First and foremost, you should turn to the veterinary clinic. After the examination, the doctor will be able to prescribe the most effective treatment. This process is divided into several stages.

  1. Vaccination, which heals, and at the same time is the prevention of ringworm. The best vaccines are Polivac-TM, Mentawak and Vakderm.
  2. Purpose of specific antifungal drugs.
  3. The appointment of immunomodulators, which enhance immunity.
  4. Affected areas of the skin are treatedAntiseptics (clotrimazole or mycosolon ointment) two to three times a day. In this case, around the area of ​​damage, all the hair is additionally cut off with a margin of a couple of centimeters and not allow the dog to lick the ointment.

It is very important to quickly start treatment otherwise the weakened organism can quickly give up positions, and deprive quickly spread throughout the body.

Important recommendations for caring for a lichen dog

  • Caring for a sick animal, its owner mustRemember to observe personal hygiene. After touching the dog, the hands should be treated with disinfectant solutions, and inwardly take preventive doses of antifungal drugs and vitamins.
  • Children should not be allowed to play with a sick animal until it is fully recovered.
  • It is better to isolate the animal from people, for example, on the balcony. And all the places where she was washing with bleach.

Calling the vet at home

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