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24-hour veterinary clinic: in what situations is it necessary?

Dog owners sometimes face the need to provide urgent veterinary care to the animal when something happens in the evening or at night and the expectation of the morning seems dangerous to the life of the dog.

In such cases, a 24-hour veterinary clinic is indispensable.

When still need to urgently apply to a 24-hour veterinary clinic?

  • First of all, the need for urgentVeterinary care occurs when unexpected injuries of a domestic animal. On a walk, the dog can cut its paws with glass shards or accidentally turn up under the wheels of a car. In such situations it is better not to wait in the morning and urgently apply to a 24-hour clinic.
  • No less dangerous food poisoning in dogs and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in which the dog is experiencing pain.
  • There are a number of extremely dangerous diseases in whichAlways need urgent help. For example, cardiovascular (heart attack and others), epilepsy, etc. Even with chronic course, an experienced dog owner during an attack can incorrectly provide first aid. And if an attack, for example, epilepsy in dogs, happened for the first time, then an inexperienced dog breeder himself can be frightened and by inept actions destroy an animal.

However, the work of a good 24-hour veterinary clinic is not limited to providing emergency assistance.

What other services does the 24-hour veterinary clinic provide?

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Such clinics are equipped with modernDiagnostic equipment, which can be used and after-hours. For example, it is important to quickly make ultrasound of internal organs in the event of pain of unknown origin or X-ray in order to determine if there is a fracture. Such equipment allows you to accurately and quickly diagnose, and therefore, rather begin treatment and save the animal from unnecessary pain.

  • However, there are situations when the dog can not be helped. And then in a round-the-clock clinic it will quickly be put to sleep, not expecting an extension of senseless agony until the morning.
  • Often, urgent,Childbirth. Some breeds, especially small dogs, give birth difficult, and an independent process can be dangerous for a bitch. And if the birth began in the evening or at night, and their course threatens the mother or the puppies, then in the operating room, the best possible care is possible.
  • In difficult genera, a bitch with puppies can be left for a few days in a clinic for observation and grooming.

Even in a not very urgent situation, the owner of the dogIt is much more convenient to turn to a 24-hour clinic. This will save his time, especially when he is short of work, and many veterinary hospitals and pharmacies do not work until late.

After receiving the doctor's advice and immediately acquiring medicines, in the morning he will be able to begin the prescribed course of treatment, not postponing it for a day.

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