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Emergency veterinary care at home around the clock

Sometimes dog breeders postpone the trip to the veterinarian until the last moment, and the reason is unwillingness to once again traumatize the psyche of their pet.

The result of such a delay may be neglected diseases and complications that require longer treatment or even develop into a chronic form.

In fact, not every animal is capable ofCalmly respond to the queue of barking and howling fellows, who languish in anticipation of receiving a veterinarian. At the same time, everyone in the queue is not completely healthy, which means they are irritated, and, perhaps, infectious.

For an animal with a fine nervous organization, going to a veterinarian can result in stress, which further weakens an unhealthy organism.

For these patients, as well as for more complex and emergency cases, urgent veterinary care, which operates around the clock, can be a real rescue.

Emergency veterinary care around the clockFirst of all, the dog "ambulance" is necessaryTo provide first and emergency assistance in case of trauma in a dog, attacks of chronic diseases, assisting with childbirth. That is, in those situations where procrastination threatens the health and life of the animal or is fraught with complications.

Advantages of emergency veterinary care at home, working around the clock

  • Provision of emergency veterinary care at homeDiffers in that the doctor's examination and procedures for the hairy patient are in the usual conditions for him, at home and with the participation of the host. It soothes the animal and helps it cope with stress.
  • This also avoids the transportation of a sick animal in traffic through traffic jams, and this can drag on in time and aggravate the patient's condition.
  • At the same time brigades of emergency veterinary helpAre equipped with the necessary equipment that will help to diagnose the disease carefully, take the necessary tests without forcing them to look for diagnostic sites after their appointment and wait for the results of the tests.
  • In addition, many kinds of animal operations can be performed at home: castration, sterilization, and others.
  • Only after a thorough examination andFirst aid doctor may decide to transport the animal to the hospital. But this happens in very serious exceptional cases. As a rule, an ambulance visit is sufficient to provide the necessary assistance to both the animal and its owner.

As for the owner, when calling a veterinarian at home, he gets an opportunity to consult with the doctor for further treatment and proper care of the pet.

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