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Do dogs treat or is dog therapy effective?

Do dogs treat

A dog is a living and natural energyA battery, a true donor of positive energy. To get rid of a large number of different diseases and replenish the stock of vitality, the best way is to have a dog.

When you are tired of returning from work, your pet rushes to your chest and gives you a huge charge of vivacity.

"Dog therapy" is applied very simply: it is enough to be close to your pet, ironing, talking, walking with him.

What diseases can dogs treat?

Absolutely all dogs, of course, and ordinaryMongrels, will bring relief with angina pectoris, ischemia, heart attack, arrhythmia, kidney disease, bronchitis, influenza, radiation sickness, various tumors, neurodermatitis.

A large breed of dogs (St. Bernard, Newfoundland,Moscow watchdog, dog, shepherd Eastern European and South Russian) will have a beneficial effect with hemorrhoids, frequent angina, jaundice, arthritis, colitis. With heart failure, every day for a month, put your hands into the heart of your dog for at least half an hour. Scientists have proved that in a large dog the alpha rhythm of its cardiac muscle has a high activity, with it absolutely no cardiostimulator can compare.

With obesity or hypodynamia should chooseAn energetic dog: these can be hunting dogs. But do not forget that people suffering from heart disease, the mobile breed is contraindicated.

Irritable and nervous will suit shar pei. This dog is considered curative, she is the owner of a special biofield. Sharpei will cure insomnia, relieve the headache, have a beneficial effect in phobias, epilepsies.

Pain in rheumatism, radiculitis, gout,The renal colic is excellently removed by a naked Mexican or Chinese dog. Her body temperature reaches 42 degrees, while it has unique healing and extrasensory abilities.

More often stroke your pet on the head, this communication will help to relieve spasms of the vessels of the brain and heart. A few minutes of fascinating communication will replace one tablet of no-shpy.

Osteochondrosis or radiculitis your dog warms up better than any hot water bottle and will help relieve pain.

Elderly people are especially useful to walk with a dog: they breathe fresh air, move more, which is very useful for excess weight, rheumatism, stress and atherosclerosis.

The dog will provide you with the first emergency aid for burns, wounds, scratches. The saliva of this animal contains a strong antibiotic lysozyme, which has bactericidal and wound-healing properties.

Brushing and bringing your pet in order, notYou need to throw away the wool. Collect it in a linen pouch - and you will receive an excellent remedy for sciatica and inflammation in the joints. As soon as you feel unwell, warm the bag with an iron and immediately put it on the sore spot. But it should be taken into account that you can not forcibly keep a "living battery" next to you, otherwise your four-legged doctor can "pick up" the illness of his master.

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