/ How to teach a puppy to a leash? Useful recommendations of dog specialist

How to teach a puppy to leash? Useful recommendations of dog specialist

Fastening the leash to the collar, you will get the opportunity to constantly guide your pet. Puppy from an early age should get used to the restriction of his freedom, calmly walk on a leash.

How to teach a puppy to leash and what is it for?

The habit of wearing a collar and leash is a necessary condition (foundation) for the education of a dog

The main points in the puppy's training to the leash

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Suppose that the puppy is already used to the collar andCommand "sit"! Allows you to put on a collar and leash. After all, he knows that approaching the gate or gate together with him on a leash means for him an interesting walk, and the opportunity to run in on freedom. Therefore, the puppy willingly runs to the call of the owner, and performs the command "to sit!" And gives the opportunity, to obediently behave when putting on a collar and leash.

  • Do not go out without making sure that the collar and leash are fastened securely and do not bring discomfort to your pet.
  • Never show weakness and do not let the puppy without a lead on the threshold or the gate, even if the street is empty.
  • If the puppy shows disobedience, he shouldPut on a tightening collar, or parfors. Many trainers make such a mistake, putting on without them a pulling collar and paraffin. In this case, the dog has a bad relationship that the collar and the paraffins are terrible and painful. That's how this can explain the behavior of some dogs that react negatively to any collar.
  • Do not let your dog gnaw leash. Prevent all attempts of your pet to release the collar, just in the future it can become a bad habit. Otherwise, you have to drive in the bow of a puppy with an adult dog on a leash. Another mistake is when the owner drives a puppy on a short leash.
  • A puppy, accustomed to leash and collar, startsTeach the right position of walking at the left foot of the owner. First, they lead him on a short leash to his left leg, holding the leash also with his left hand. A temperamental dog should not be allowed to rush forward, strangling itself, and pull it to him and try to keep him at his left foot. At the same time, give him the command "back" or "to the foot" and "next".

When teaching this technique it is convenient to drive a puppyAlong the fence or any wall: as soon as the dog starts to rush forward, you pull it up to you and say the command "next", while pressing it with your left foot to the wall or fence.

Consistently fulfill this method,Persistently. And that the dog would not pull the owner forward and did not pull from behind, but on command went at the foot. When the dog is trained on a leash to walk at the left foot, gradually practice it and without a lead. If the dog runs away, she takes another leash.

You have to teach your pet to walk aroundEven in the forest. First, choose a rare forest, and then thicker. In these conditions, the dog must adapt to you, with him to avoid obstacles or jump, stop and sit down.

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